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10 Professional Tips to Grow and Keep Your Mustache

How long does it take to grow a mustache

How long does it take to grow a mustache? We all want a mustache, we want it because it’s fashionable or because we simply have Freddie Mercury as our childhood idol and we try to replicate it. But what very few people know is the work it takes to have a mustache that is remembered for centuries. Here we will give you the 10 best tips for yours to be remembered for millennia.

How long does it take to grow a mustache


1-. Time is everything

The easiest thing that exists is to cut your mustache in the growth stage, at this stage it is best to cut it with a trimmer, but after 3 or 4 weeks it becomes a little more complicated and it is better to cut it with some scissors. It is also an excellent time to start using a comb and a bit of wax to style your mustache.


2-. Exhausted

We always recommend using an exfoliant to eliminate everything that your face, beard, and mustache have there that is not desired, it is best to apply it in the mornings during the bath and at night before bedtime.


3-. Shampoo

Facial hair can be a hair that if not taken care of can feel like the hair of a calf, so for your beard and mustache to have an incredible sensation it is very important to bathe them too. we recommend you use a shampoo.


4-. Short Dry

Never but never try to trim a mustache while wet, because you lose the specific shape of the mustache and you could end up with something you do not like.


5-. The wax is your friend

The only way to get to have the style of mustache you want is with a wax because it is the only thing that will keep you firm for longer. The style that you want to give is your decision but if you do not use a wax your mustache will look messy and you do not want that.


6- Use a comb

A comb for a mustache is the best investment that a man who wants to leave the mustache does, apart from that it helps you to have the hair evenly and separate it in half to have that incredible look, it also helps a lot when cutting it. Just pass the comb through your mustache reaches the tips and at the end of them pass the scissors or the machine, you will have the look done in a two by three.


7- Do not be afraid

If you’re afraid of how you see your mustache alone, there is a test that is the best we’ve experienced, let yourself grow a full beard, to a point that you consider that the mustache you look good after that recortate whole beard of 2 or 3 leaving only the mustache untrimmed, so you can give an idea of how it would look, if not beats trimmed mustache but if it beats you just shave the entire beard and leave alone and rock your mustache everywhere


8-. Tie the shape of your mustache with that of your face

It is essential to find a mustache that goes with your face, because if you can not end up looking like Cantinflas (we love him, but his style is not for everyone) so first of all see this picture and decide what kind of mustache you want.

“If you have a square face you can give yourself a heavier, longer mustache, but if you have an oval face, go for something with less weight and more triangular”


9-. Learn to handle curves

“To reach up – the turning points in your mustache, take a pinch of mustache wax, rub it between your thumb and index finger and twist the end with a technique much like snapping your fingers.”


10-. Hydrate

The skin under a mustache can become exceptionally dry as the hair extracts moisture from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. That’s why we recommend you use a facial cream that allows you to stay hydrated, in addition to using a tonic so that the hydration of your mustache is not compromised.

We hope that this has been of your help, if you have questions write us below and we will answer as soon as possible