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12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Specialists from the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO) have put together 12 eye health tips to create “simple daily routines” in vision care.

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

Ophthalmologists and optometrists of the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO), in Barcelona, ​​have pointed out 12 eye health tips for this year 2020, with the aim of incorporating “simple daily routines” in the care of vision and leaving behind “harmful habits “of which patients” are not always aware “.

Specialists have highlighted that the eyes are also affected by the aging of the population and the habits of the current lifestyle, “both in terms of food, as work and leisure in front of screens, sun exposure ”

1. Go to reviews 

The first of these tips is to periodically go to reviews with the ophthalmologist, since there are diseases such as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy that do not give symptoms but their early detection could facilitate treatment and improve the prognosis, just as occurs with the ‘eye vague’.

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

2. Watch the symptoms

Be alert for possible symptoms, such as blurred or double vision, red or watery eyes, or flying flies in the visual field, which indicate the presence of an eye disease. They also recommend taking into account other warning signs such as recurring blows or falls or alterations that could lead to possible neurological pathologies or even tumors.

3. Avoid hitting the eyes

Specialists recommend using protective glasses in certain sports (such as tennis or paddle tennis) or work that can lead to bruises, introduction of mechanical bodies or chemical burns.

4. Follow the medication

The fourth tip is to comply with the prescribed treatment and be consistent, for example in the treatment of glaucoma with daily drops, the use of glasses or the occlusive patch in children with dry eye, or intraocular injections in diseases such as AMD (Associated Macular Degeneration to Age) or macular edema, in addition to the necessary treatments before and after eye surgery.

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

5. Risk groups

Monitoring in childhood and in risk groups is especially recommended, since, as specialists indicate, children should undergo eye examinations between the ages of 3 and 10, while adults should do so from the age of 40 onwards. of presbyopia or tired eyesight that can lead to more serious pathologies.

6. Background

Attention should be paid to family antecedents, especially those of the first order (parents, siblings and children), to know the percentage of those affected by certain eye diseases.

7. Avoid rubbing your eyes

By rubbing your eyes, on the one hand it reactivates the itch instead of reducing it and on the other it can promote deformation of the cornea.

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

8. Sun protection

It is necessary to protect yourself from solar radiation, both in summer and winter (especially in snow or high mountain sports), using approved sunglasses and with appropriate filters. In this way, injuries to the ocular surface can be avoided, which can lead to cataracts or AMD.

9. Healthy habits

Habits, such as smoking, propitiate the risk of AMD and poor eating habits can lead to high blood pressure, cholesterol or obesity that leads to other retinal pathologies.

10. Rest!

The tenth tip is to give your eyes a rest, to avoid eyestrain and the feeling of dryness in the eye, especially when they spend many hours in front of the computer or driving. In addition, they consider it essential to use the glasses daily, while contact lenses should not be worn for longer than indicated and take them off at bedtime.

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Eyes

11. Hydrate

It is important to hydrate the eyes, with artificial tears without conversants or with hyaluronic acid, and in the event that the discomfort is persistent, carry out a more specialized study.

12. Take care of your hygiene

The twelfth, and last, is to take care of eye hygiene, especially in patients who tend to dry eye or inflammation of the eyelid, in addition to people who wear contact lenses that must be kept in the proper conditions.