5 Automotive Tips You Need To Know

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5 Automotive Tips You Need To Know

Automotive Tips You Need To Know


The intention of this article is to give little automotive tips to you, and despite the joke, the tips are serious, come on!

  1. Never evaluate a used car at night or wet it. This way you will be able to evaluate the actual state of the vehicle much better without any mistakes. If you do not understand much of mechanics, the ideal is to take it to a professional you trust.
  2. When negotiating a used vehicle, the price is calculated taking into account the year/model and not the year of manufacture. Many stores try to take advantage of this, but keep in mind: the average price of the car is not calculated by the year of manufacture.
  3. Keep your vehicle up to date. Whether it’s on the road or in your everyday life, vehicle maintenance is key. Most of the time, conservation costs are much lower than repair costs. So always keep an eye on the preventive maintenance and inspections.
  4. How to find out if the battery is running low? The life of a battery varies greatly depending on its quality and the way it is used. The most obvious sign that the battery is tired is the difficulty of starting the car, especially in the morning and on cold days.
  5. 5) Care with the car tire, start at the monthly check of the ideal pressure, indicated in the owner’s manual. Properly calibrated tires have a longer service life and save fuel. On trips and situations where the vehicle is very heavy, calibrate two pounds more than usual (if the manual does not indicate anything). When the grooves of the tires reach two millimeters deep, it is a sign that they are reaching the limit. Observe the tread wear indicator (TWI), which is the indication present between the grooves of the tire, if they are on the same level, it is time to change. Be sure to rotate every 10,000 kilometers, as well as alignment and balancing.

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