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5 Most Handsome Men In India



Barun Sobti

Love his performing because every function he performs is deep and sensual, he makes you giggling, smiling, crying, thinking… When you see his play you can’t stay bloodless and marble because every thing he acts is so real… He is amazing actor and cute person)))I just love him, he is amazing man, who does charity and aid other americans. His smile just brightens my day! his eyes magical…
Barun Sobti amazing Actor can do all kind of characters and he is so lovable and humble and handsome
Barun sobti is the most awesome and magical human in the world, I love his appearing so lots and I seeing him the best
So lovable and hot

Salman Khan

No doubts he is the best.awesome seems great style and above all a fantastic human being…
He is the most amazing and good looking. And have great performing skills. I really like it and his nature is too good and soft.
He is a very good human being
You are good looking

Shahrukh Khan

striking persona adding a horny smile..
He is not only a great actor and entertainer, however additionally a very good human being, an that too, without any show-off!
Very true that hi me is a man with great character without any demonstrate off attitude
I just voted ho are he’s guys
He is the most good-looking man

Aamir Khan

Excellent person in diverse acting
6 packs abs at this age not a depend of comic story. He is best.
Very good actor. He is number 1.
Very good

Ajith Kumaar

He is actually the only star in the nation who can good the salt and pepper look with grace and it makes him look sexier. No other Indian actor can do this. He have enough money act in the Indian edition of PRETTY girl. He is the Richard Gere of India.
Wanna be in the first 3 places
Thala is one of the most obviously good looking actors and does not need any kind of freely giving or face uplifts/cosmetic surgical operation to increase his looks.He appears good even when his hair has became gray.