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5 Tips to Buy a Quality Watch

5 Tips to Buy a Quality Watch

I learned a valuable lesson about buying watches from a shadow shop in Hong Kong.

It was a lesson that cost me $500.

While on a business trip to China, I was taken out in a back room and offered five luxury watches to steal.

5 Tips to Buy a Quality Watch

5 Tips to Buy a Quality Watch

They were counterfeit luxury watches. They looked great and I was tempted by brand names in watches-Breitling, Louis Vuitton, Rolex. and against my best judgment, I violated all sensible rules of buying watches already written and paid $100 for each watch.

I’ve never worn those clocks.

I wasted $500 that day-please learn from my mistakes in this article so you can make a smart buying decision by buying a watch.

You see, a quality watch is not just a tool that shows time.

A man’s watch is a sign of taste, where you are in life, and it is something that should not be “forged “.

And let me be clear-any man can buy a big watch at a very affordable price.

But, like anything with style – what the watch you’re wearing is a reflection of your personal taste and the image you want to design.

It’s yours, and it’s really good to use it.

So how do you buy a quality watch at a fair price?

If you are looking for the accuracy of the weather, a fashion accessory or something you want to leave your grandchildren, here are my five tips that will help you buy the right watch.


1. Educate yourself in classic watch styles

To make a sensible purchase and practice wristwatch-you have to go there and learn more about clocks. There is an entire industry built around Watchmaking: the science of making watches.

For centuries, watchmakers have perfected their craft to create intricate pieces of machines that are built to survive the person who uses them.

There is enough information about the clocks commercially available in the forums created by watch lovers.

Many websites and Blogs offer the latest news about wristwatch designs. You can even browse through specific branded websites to compare what makes these tick-watches Rolex, Breitling, Seiko, Vacheron Constantin or Patek Philippe.


2. Understand the true value of a watch

One of the first criteria that arises in a purchase of watches is the price. However, it is more important to consider the value of a watch before discussing prices.

A simple formula to evaluate the value of a watch:

(Frequency of Use * feelings associated with use) ÷ The price of the clock

The price is not the most important thing. Although most of you have a specific budget in mind – it’s best to spend a little extra to buy a quality watch.

Remember the fake watches I bought in Hong Kong? They don’t represent any value to me because I don’t use them.


3. Watches and buyer’s protection

Be careful when buying watches online.

First, check the reputation of the dealership and the company. If they are new, make sure they have testimonials and or a strong presence on social networks where they are participating with customers and accompanying with questions.

A manufacturer who is willing to guarantee quality will exchange watches that have been damaged in transport or have manufacturing defects.

You are also more likely to obtain a warranty from Standard Edition to cover repairs to certified dealers or when purchasing from the manufacturer.

If you are willing to spend $500 on a watch-maker sure you get one that represents the quality instead of five that are fake (did you see my story being ripped off in the video here?.

There are many fakes in the watch business.

It is best to buy your watch from an authorized retailer or jeweler.


4. Price-saving Watch

The different degrees of the watches vary in the skill, the quality of the materials used and the amount of work involved.

$250 Watches – Consumer watches

These are considered fashion watches that you can buy to wear with an outfit. You’re not going to feel bad if they break down after a few years. Although watches in this category are not destined to be relic pieces, you can find some great promotions here and a well-done watch at this price point can last for decades.

$1000-Brand & Watch Enthusiasts

This is a good price range for men with disposable income who are looking to buy their first quality watch statement.

Of all scales – this is one that has the widest variety of quality levels and you can find deals or be ripped off. I advise you not to buy your first watch at this price point as you will want to have tried some at the lowest price points to make sure that you are going to get the value of your money and enjoy a watch at this level.

Think of clocks at this level as a gateway t the next price point!

$1000 – $10000 – Luxury Watches

This is the support of well-known names. You get what you pay for here and once you start spending this kind of money you need to know more about 99% of men’s watches or else they are ripping you off.

Luxury watches by definition are unique objects and sign for certain people their ability to pay them.

More than $10000 – Ultra luxury Watches

At this level, it is not uncommon for diamonds, gold, and other gems to be on the face of the watch.

Many of these watches are not available for public sale – they are literally controlled and only made available to select the clientele. Most of these exclusive timepieces carry a rich heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

Watches as an investment?

All the more power for you if you can afford a 10k watch, but overall watches is not an investment. It is unlikely that you will recover the money spent with it when trying to sell the Coeración. It’s like buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle-it’s only worth what a buyer will pay for it.


5. Find appreciation in using your watch

A good-quality timepiece is an expression of your individualism. Just buy a watch that you will enjoy and would love to use.

If you don’t like wearing your watch, you wasted your money.

Be chosen by yourself because it should reflect your personality. Unlike other items that men traditionally buy to express themselves, such as cars, a wristwatch is constantly displayed.

A clock is a conversation match.

Watches are practical purchases that can be used for decades. A fine wristwatch can mean a milestone or an achievement, such as graduating from college or getting your first job.

He remains in his hand as a reminder of what he accomplished.

Watches are not just a functional piece-you need to enjoy using it as well.