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5 Tips to Keep Your Breath in the Race

Tips to Keep Your Breath in the Race

Tips to Keep Your Breath in the Race – Keeping your breath in the race is a challenge for anyone who is taking the first steps beyond walking. The initial workouts require you to enter the race with a walk for progress to emerge gradually. But there are other easy-to-follow guidelines that can help you achieve a good pace in a more relaxed way.

Tips to Keep Your Breath in the Race


5 Tips to Keep Your Breath in the Race

Here’s how to keep your breath in the race and evolve safely:

Do a heating

Before starting any physical activity, keep in mind that warming is a differential, both in injury prevention and to keep the breath. “Warming produces a higher muscle temperature, greater local availability of oxygen to the muscle and higher oxygen consumption during the initial phase of the exercise,” explains coach João Povoa.

Start slow

Begin quietly, increasing your speed only after you feel more confident. “Lightly make the initial 10 or 15 minutes in the workout. Our body undergoes several adaptations in this period that leave us more prepared for the exercise, keeping the breath in the race for longer, “says the coach.

Right speed

“Keep in mind your speed of balance. There is a speed at which you can sustain your effort for longer. Running above the speed of your anaerobic threshold will cause your breath to decrease rapidly, “explains the trainer.

Research has shown that in some cases women are faster than men in the race because they can keep pace from start to finish and do not “break” in the middle of the race. Therefore, maintaining a constant speed is the most appropriate.


Do not abuse yourself in the race

“Save every step. Running with a good mechanic, moving the arms and with little contact with the ground, generates a performance gain “, says João Povoa. Maintain balance with your strides and pay attention while running. This helps improve biomechanics, making the hallway not lose its breath.

Feed yourself
Consume carbohydrate between 60 and 30 minutes before exercise. It is critical that your body has energy at the right time. “To do this, in addition to this intake, consume carbohydrate gel during workouts longer than 50 minutes,” concludes the coach.