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5 Ways to Become a Successful Fashion Photographer

Become a Successful Fashion Photographer

Become a Successful Fashion Photographer – It does not matter if you are an aspiring designer, model or photographer; entering the fashion world is not an easy task. Just like making stylish photo clicks depends on your talent and skill level, making the right connections also depends on your ability. But fortunately, there are many ways to get noticed by the bigwigs in the area and increase your chances of success in the competitive fashion industry.

Become a Successful Fashion Photographer


5 Ways to Become a Successful Fashion Photographer


Catch up on your photography skills

On your way to becoming a good fashion photographer, one of the first orders of the day should be to perfect your photographic skills. Enhancing your talent can be as simple as going to the field and experimenting with different camera positions and lights. Or, it may involve a longer and more formal education in a university. In addition to broadening your knowledge, honing your skills should also help you narrow down the type of work you want to pursue, whether in the publishing or catalog areas.


Build your portfolio

Your portfolio is an essential tool for your potential employers to know your photographic skills and style. Make a book to house your best photos, and then gradually increase it. The most successful portfolios contain at least 20 photos and include both unpublished copies and cropped images of publications. Although not all of your pictures have to be fashion related, it would be useful to have some examples of relevant work. Work with emerging models and designers in your area, as they are likely to be looking for exposure as well, and teamwork can benefit everyone involved. Plus, take advantage of the online media, such as personal websites, blogs, and social networks, to showcase your work in an easy and fast way.


Know who is who

Knowing who your potential customers are is decisive for an aspiring fashion photographer. You need to have the right contacts to put your foot in the door. For example, editors of fashion magazines can help you have your work seen by hundreds of thousands of readers if they like your work. Do your homework to find out who’s who in the industry, and then look up the contact information of these people. Have an agenda with important names and use it as an easy and practical guide.


Submit your work

Unless you have a personal connection with someone from the inside, scheduling a meeting with an editor will be quite difficult. Instead of lying on your laurels and waiting for a chance meeting to happen, go ahead and send examples of your work to the industry bigwigs you already have contacts with. Send copies of your portfolio to the appropriate contacts. Use prints and transparencies, and never send the originals so they do not get lost in the mess.


Work with galleries

Working with a gallery can be a great way to have your fashion photography work publicized and potentially sold. Contact the local galleries in your area that seem to match your photography style and find out the rules for presenting your work. If a gallery is interested, set some ground rules to showcase your work and ensure a fair and professional experience for everyone. For example, some galleries may expect full exclusivity, which would prevent you from working with any other establishment.