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6 Lipstick Types – Different Types of Lipsticks

types lipstick

6 Lipstick Types

types lipstick

There are many types of lipstick and you can choose the appropriate mood or form of your lips. The following are the types of lipstick on the basis of the characteristics and their effects.


1. Lipstick moisturizer

This is a great lipstick to dry lips lipstick because it keep skin moist lips and his gentleness. Usually contains vitamin E, glycerin and aloevera. The advantages of using this moisturizing lipstick is your lips will always look wet and shiny.
The drawback is likely easy to fade, for it to use lip balm before applying this moisturizing lipstick.


2. Lisptik satin and sheer

Similar to the first type, this one in addition to moisturizing it also gives the nutrients needed by the skin of the lips. In it there is a natural oil content and look even darker before dioles. Wear lipstick requires to put it on several times to get a good result.


3. Matte Lipstick

This is the lipstick that is suitable for you who liked the colorful and interesting. The resulting makeup of this matte lisptik not look shiny and gives the impression of thickness. With this lipstick lips you can look younger and smoother.
Matte lipsticks are likely to last longer than a lipstick gloss.


4. Cream Lipstick

If your lips are smaller than most, then type this one suitable for you. Not too glossy, lipstick contains wax to protect the skin.


5. Lip Gloss

Lipstick that suits the thin lip gloss lipstick is a type. Due to the effects kilaunya will give the impression of thickness. Can be combined with traditional lipsticks.
Don’t get me wrong that lip gloss is only suitable for teenagers only. There are many options for different age of lip gloss and makeup needs.
Lip gloss is great for women with dry lips because the function menejaga moisture lip. Often called lipstick lips dry.
Unfortunately due to the high kelembabanya then it is easily washed out lip gloss color. If you want long lasting lipstick then this is not suitable for you because the color lip gloss tend to fade quickly.


6. Long lasting Lipstick

Women who are active in a long time will need a great lipstick and durable. Durable type usually can last up to 4-8 hours. The color will fade when you eat oily food.
This durable lipstick is usually noticeably drier therefore often added to transparent lip gloss as a layer over it, just as an enhancer of moisture and adds a glossy impression.
Use lipstick long lasting lip makeup if you want throughout the day. Avoid if you have lips that are easy to dry and chapped.