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6 Tips to Take Care of Your Car in Summer


Check out a number of helpful tips to take care of the car in the hottest season of the year. Learn more details on how to protect yourself from excess heat.

Tips to Take Care of Your Car in Summer

It is summer that the excess heat can damage some components of the car. To avoid problems, Easy Cars, an application that connects car owners to automotive services, elaborates some useful tips that will help to have any type of problem with the vehicle because of the excess heat. Check below were wanted:



Upholstery is the part that most quickly exhibits the effects of sun exposure, such as discoloration and blemishes. When leaving the vehicle for many hours parked in the sun, protect the seats with covers. For plastic areas, the tip is to use a folding protection on the panel. There are also products on the market to protect the banks, based on silicone. Without this, there is the risk of the leather lining drying out and tearing quite easily.


Rubber sealing

High temperatures and strong sun can also dry off the trim rubbers, causing cracks that not only aesthetically compromise the vehicle, but can also affect the pattern of the glazing. For this problem there is no other way: the exit is to find a parking space in the shade.

The sea and the sand are also great villains. Therefore, those who go to the beach need to wash their car more often. Pay particular attention to the windscreen wiper blades. If they are corroded, they can impair visibility on rainy days. Special additives for the washer fluid increase the life of the blades.



Checking the vehicle’s liquids is important all year round, but in summer the attention should be redoubled. Observe the level of water and additive of the radiator is rule number one. Also keep an eye on brake fluid levels, power steering, engine cooling system, windshield and rear window washer, engine oil and gearbox.

For both in-town and on-road shooting, it is advisable to have the cooling system up-to-date to prevent overheating, a very recurring problem on hotter days. Leaks or accumulation of dirt can overload the system.


Air conditioning

Refreshing the vehicle is great, but you need to know the best time to use the air conditioner. For short distances in the city, it’s not worth it. On the road, however, leaving the window open spends more fuel, by the aerodynamic pressure of the wind.

If the car was left in the hot sun, it is best to walk three minutes with the window open before turning on the power. Thus, cold air takes the place of the hot. Be sure to check the cleaning of the system, especially if the air has been off for a long time.



The rubbing of the rubber against the ground is more intense on hot days. Therefore, wear the tires and maintain the recommended tire size. Fill the tires when cold. The heat increases the pressure and makes the process difficult, since when the tire cools down the pressure will lower more than it should, which ends up increasing not only the wear but also the consumption and damaging the stability of the car in any situation, something dangerous.



Whenever possible, park the vehicle in a covered location. If you do not find it, or the garage price is salty, look for the shade of a tree. But do not forget to ask for an eco-friendly wash to clean the debris that falls on the roof of the car. And keep the body always waxed so the protective layer does not damage the paint, causing spots and faded areas.