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6 Ways to Win a Girls Heart

6 Ways to Win a Girls Heart

The heart of the opposite sex is full of mystery and if you want to understand how to win a woman’s heart you need to unravel it. In general, some tips can help you reach your goal, and working out what kind of cat she does will make it easier to gauge what attitudes will really melt your heart.

6 Ways to Win a Girls Heart

6 Ways to Win a Girls Heart

Even women who may seem cold and hard to conquer have their weaknesses. Check out some of the following tips and try out the various tactics to get the cat at your feet.


6 Ways to Win a Girls Heart

1. Give flowers: Flowers are a gift that few women don’t like because they represent that the man is giving her attention and pampering her. And as much as women want to be increasingly independent, they love to receive gifts from a man, preferably flowers, which are beautiful and delicately adorn any environment.

2. Call: Keeping in touch by phone is another way to show your interest in the cat, but without exaggeration, such as calling at all times or at inappropriate times, such as dawn. Also, when you call, ask her how she is, not where she is because it will seem like you are controlling her steps, a bad way to start a relationship.

3. Take it easy: If you’re really interested in a cat and don’t just want to have a passing case with her, it’s important that you’re in no hurry during the conquest. Not being anxious is also important so that she doesn’t realize that you are crazy about her.

Otherwise, she can take advantage of the situation and take advantage of you. Not all women do this, but it is essential to be cautious. Also, if you don’t pose any obstacles for the cat she will find everything very easy and may be uninterested in you.

4. Don’t be jealous: As has been said before, acting in a way that looks like you are controlling the cat is totally missing the chances of winning your heart. If you prove to be a jealous and possessive guy even before starting a relationship with the cat is certain that she will run away.

She is likely to think “if he’s acting like this now, imagine later !?”. But it is not enough not to be jealous for a healthy relationship; it is best that you are not jealous. Behave like a dominant alpha male: determined and confident.

5. Don’t talk bad about your friends and relatives: During a conquest, especially if our goal is to hit a woman’s heart hard, we need to be very prudent in making decisions. Among other things, it stands out knowing what to talk about, as much as you like to leave your opinion on everything, it is important that at this beginning of the relationship you do not fall into the mess of complaining or bad-mouthing friends or family of the cat.

If you haven’t known each other for a long time, let’s say you still don’t have a “feedback” to say something about. She may think “who do you think you are to say that !? “. So keep in mind a wise saying “closed mouth doesn’t fly.”

6. Act like an alpha male: Having this kind of behavior is not just about not being jealous of the cat, but a dominant alpha male attitude is essential to winning a woman’s heart. You can give her flowers, call her, talk romantic things, don’t get her hands on her feet, make no pisses or be jealous, but if you don’t show her you’re a good player and seduce her with words to your ear and deep glances will do you no good in all your effort.

What comes next?
Knowing exactly what to do to attract and win a woman is a powerful weapon every man should have.

Still, most men will never know exactly what to do to attract a woman.