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7 Reasons Why Gray Flannel Are Better Than Jeans

better than jeans

7 Reasons Why Gray Flannel Are Better Than Jeans – Gray flannel trousers transcend style. They are classic and timeless pants worn by men for decades.
Blue jeans and chinos are versatile casual pants. But, for every other situation that doesn’t call for a suit, there is only one pair of trousers that meets all requirements.
The gray flannel trouser is perhaps the most versatile item of clothing a well-dressed man can own.
Gray pants form the foundation. They are the first, second and maybe even third pants you should buy.
gray flannel

#1 Gray Flannel Trousers Are Low Maintenance

Most men opt for jeans because they are low maintenance.

Gray flannel trousers are also low maintenance. The color doesn’t show dirt quickly and maintaining the fabric after each wear requires a simple brush to remove dirt and dust. Let them hang in your wardrobe for a day and the creases are automatically eased out.

#2 Gray Flannel Trousers Stand Out In A Crowd Of Denim

Jeans were seen as the uniform of the rebel as they crossed over from workwear to everyday wear.

Take a look around you the next time you’re in a public place. You’ll notice the “uniform” of jeans, T-shirt, and tennis shoes on most men.

Jeans have become the symbol of uniformity. Denim pants are no longer the thrilling clothing item that set pulses racing in the 60’s and 70’s.

A pair of gray flannel trousers sets you apart as a man who understands and honors classic men’s style.

Especially if you are over 30, it’s time to give your 501’s a sabbatical and slip into a pair of gray flannel pants.

You’ll instantly feel more like a responsible adult.

#3 Gray Is A Versatile Color For Trousers

A mid-gray is the most versatile color for pants. Darker grays are slightly more formal and difficult to pair with other colors.

Lighter grays can look elegant and less severe at the same time.

Gray is a non-color. It complements every other color. Pairing a shirt, jacket and shoes in any shade or hue create less of a swatch clash than a regular pair of dark denim pants.

As a result, gray flannel trousers form a great backdrop to other colors and even textures. They go with white and black, muted tones and bright colors. They harmonize with nearly every shade in your wardrobe.

#4 Flannel Trousers Are Always Climate Appropriate

Winter is coming.

It’s almost here.

Wool flannel is nothing short of awesome this time of year. In a thicker weave, the fabric keeps the wind off your skin. They are warmer than traditional denim and more comfortable, not to mention suaver. Plus, the fabric drapes better than denim.

In summer, a lighter flannel fabric will ensure you stay cool.

Choose a worsted wool that lends versatility to your wardrobe.

In tropical and warm climates, consider a pair of lightweight wool, like a fresco.

The comfort of jeans in summer is over exaggerated. Especially since most men wear them in such thick weaves.

#5 Gray Flannel Trousers Can Be Dressed Up Or Down

Flannel is a versatile texture. As a texture, flannel has enough nap to provide plenty of visual interest and yet remains clean in the finish.

Gray flannel pants are the most versatile trousers you can own.

The pants maintain their smartness despite the fabric presenting an almost casual texture.

Denim addicts snicker at the dress-up image associated with gray flannel trousers.

Yes, they are the smarter option.

But, cut slim and worn low on the waist with a flat front and turn-ups, gray flannel pants look just as amazing with T-shirts as they do with Oxfords and dress shirts.

You could even pair them with a smart (and clean) pair of sneakers.

#6 Gray Flannel Trousers Are Easier To Adjust (Easier To Get The Right Fit)

Men with chicken legs end up choosing skinny jeans that make them look lankier.

Muscular legs stuffed into tight jeans? You seem like a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Jeans are difficult to wear correctly. It’s hard to find suitable color in a style that fits your body shape and one that flatters your physique.

Getting the FIT right on flannel trousers is a lot simpler.

Jeans are available in standard sizes. Flannel pants can be tailored.

It is much easier to alter the waist. Or make the ankles narrow.

The advantage is, over time, if your body changes shape, it is much easier to alter a pair of flannel trousers.

This wouldn’t be possible with a pair of jeans. If you do find a tailor to adjust them, the cost will be much higher than fixing a pair of regular pants.

When you finally do take them off, you’ll want to take care of them, because a well-made pair will last for a long, long time. My favorite pair lasted for ten years!

#7 Gray Flannel Trousers Show That You Don’t Play It Safe

When it comes to clothing, men like to play it safe.gray flannel

One wrong fashion turn can result in embarrassment. Instead of risking a potential fashion faux-pas, people prefer the neutral attire of denim jeans.

But there are times when denim jeans are not the appropriate choice of trousers.

Gray flannel trousers offer a better alternative for both formal and informal events.

This pants are the best substitute for jeans, for wear with almost any style of jacket and wear as a versatile foil to all shades and types of leather footwear.