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7 Tips to Make Makeup More Natural

Tips to Make Makeup More Natural

When it comes to makeup for the day to day, the interesting thing is to do in a way that the skin looks more natural. But finding the balance and arriving at this result is not simple.

To help, we have selected simple tips from professionals that will help you achieve a perfect look.

There are seven tricks that range from skin care to the correct way to apply the products on the face. Look:

Tips to Make Makeup More Natural


1. Clean and moisturize the skin

No one ever starts a painting on a dirty canvas and the same goes for the makeup. Leaving your face clean and hydrated is essential, always seeking to use products that are suitable for your skin type.


2. Apply base well

To give a natural finish, it is important to choose the base well. The water-based versions are better as they leave the skin lighter and with a better finish. Use a paintbrush and evenly blend.


3. Use concealer under dark circles and blemishes

If the lower part of the eyes is darker, the corrective at the correct tone may make it more natural. Apply especially on the inner corner and deepest part, not on the entire lower surface until the eyelashes. Do this with your fingers.


4. Avoid strong contours

Instead of using contour techniques around the face, which can have a heavy result, use only a blush on the cheeks, along with the cheekbones, which leaves a naturally more sophisticated makeup.


5. Apply shade and eyeliner

Use a little shade in the crease, which is the fold on the upper eyelid, to give more depth. Then use an eyeliner – place the tip close to the eyelashes so that the line is aligned, leaving the look more defined without being exaggerated.


6. Fill in the eyebrows

Leaving the eyebrows too thick can make them look fake since the natural ones have gaps. To create a better effect, use a specific pen for this rather than powder or pencil.


7. Use your finger to apply lipstick

Instead of applying the color of the lips directly from the tube of the lipstick, try to pass a little on the finger and then apply to the lips delicately.

By practicing these small changes when it comes to makeup and developing daily practice, the natural result will be increasingly easier to obtain. And, when you want a bolder look, just use stronger tones and add a bit more special attention to your eyes.