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8 Items We Always Regret Packing

8 Items We Always Regret Packing

In honor of the travel season, we dive into everything we always pack that takes up too much space, doesn’t use it, or is just a waste of time.

8 Items We Always Regret Packing

8 Items We Always Regret Packing

The next time you go packing for a trip, forget these items at home; we promise you won’t need them.

 1. One month supply of underwear

It’s typical to think, “I’m going to go for three days and pack a month of underwear just ‘just in case.'” Seriously, what do you think is going to happen ?! Pack enough underwear to last your time. vacation and maybe an extra. No need to pack more than that!

2. The masks to “take care of yourself”

While it seems like an amazing idea to bring all of your favorite face masks to your destination, your vacation is likely to be careful enough. If you have a favorite, take it, but there is no need to pack a mask for each day of your trip.

3. Too many bathing suits

Sure before you go on a beach vacation, you stock up on all your swimsuits: You try to have a different outfit for every day you spend on the beach to basically guarantee you get a fantastic Instagram photo. However, once you hit the beach, you do one of two things:

– You wear only the same suit all week.

– You wear each one and then you have a bunch of wet suits to take home.

Either way, you always end up regretting all the money and precious space you spend on swimwear. So depending on the length of your trip, bring a pair of swimsuits to suit your needs, but don’t overdo it.

4. Clothes that do not match

Instead of packing that sparkly pink crop top that you planned to wear for your beachside brunch, create a capsule closet for your trip. Make sure all your items are mixed and matched – you can wear your white t-shirt with your jeans, shorts and under a jumpsuit, for example.

5. The elegant dress heels

Let’s be clear: the stilettos and dresses you swear you’ll wear but don’t actually wear in your real life are a waste of space. Use that space to pack the things you really need, like more snacks.

6. Cold weather clothing in warm weather

If you come from a cold part of the world, you probably don’t trust the weather and think, “It says it’ll be 80 degrees the whole trip, but it could still be cold outside!” This thought results in us packing sweatpants, fleece lined leggings, a pair of sweatshirts, and all of our thick, fuzzy socks. Breaking News: Not all parts of the country have as unpredictable a climate as the Midwest. Leave cold weather clothes at home and opt for lightweight cardigans and thinner capes.

7. Too much technology

Just in case, you always carry your personal laptop, your work laptop, your tablet, your phone, a Polaroid camera that you haven’t used since freshman year, and every charger … this is fatal.

Just stick to the technology you really think you will use.

8. All accessories in our wardrobe

Stick to the basics, be it the necklace you never take off or your favorite hoop earrings, instead of all the things you want to take an Instagram photo with.