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Fact, Why does Bane Wear a Mask?

Why does Bane Wear a Mask

Why does Bane Wear a Mask – We can say that the Dark Knight rises was a controversial film, perhaps by the great expectation that surrounding him. Despite criticism, I still find a worthy outcome to the plot created by Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, which led me to bring to you today, one of the things that remained out of the film: the origin of Bane. Note that this article aims to sift through the details created by the director and his team for this version of the character, emphasizing some unwell-exploited aspects in the film, so don’t get too clingy to what’s in comics and come on this trip with us. – Why does Bane Wear a Mask

Why does Bane Wear a Mask

Well, most of the attacks on the last film revolve around the development of the screenplay and some characters. Some advocates said that the phenomenon occurred on account of the “original cut” of the film having over 3 hours of duration and so much has been cut off. This generated a great buzz on account of this “mutilation the work of the Nolan” to shorten it and pleasing a greater number of people (after all, were more than 3 hours of film, for what was being said). The fact was disclaimed, saying that such a statement was not a misunderstanding and that in fact, the film was the one.

Why does Bane Wear a Mask

Where there is smoke, there is fire and during an interview with GQ magazine, Lindy Hemming, the costume designer of the film, opened her mouth about a scene that second she was filmed but did not enter the final cut of the film. The scene would be a flashback where we would see Bane being trained by Ra’s Al Ghul in the League of Shadows, paralleling Bruce Wayne’s training while he was there, explaining better why Bane wears a mask and always being in a vest.

“This other sequence we would see during the scene (from Talia’s escape from prison) would have Bane seriously injured in the column… (so) even if he is without the bulletproof vest, he needs to keep his belt and bracelet. “

In fact, if you are going to revise the film, in all the scenes we see Bane, he is always masked (obviously, otherwise he would not be able to stand) and with such a bracelet/belt set. Moreover, if you look closely at some scenes that Tom Hardy appears struggling, we can notice a gigantic scar on his back.

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