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Best Age to Start Daycare Babycenter

Best Age to Start Daycare

Best Age to Start Daycare – Parents cannot imagine how difficult it is to take and leave the child in a daycare for the first time. If not could the deixarian, but as you can not help, do not have another way. The mommy has to go back to work and there are only three solutions: let the baby with grandparents or another family member, leave it to the care of a nanny or caregiver, or leave it in a nursery. Everything will depend on the time that goes need and the service price.

Best Age to Start Daycare

Best Age to Start Daycare

In any case, choosing an alternative is difficult. And knowing how to survive this, too. Regarding age, the more you delay the better. Ideally first to leave the baby with a relative y logo, from the 18 months when the baby to defend himself better, to take him to a nursery to socialize with other children.


How will I leave my baby in daycare?

In case you have to take your baby before, still very small, there is no reason for parents to suffer or feel guilty. The experience will be positive if it is well conducted. If it still gives the breast is advisable to follow the system of alternating breast and bottle, or wean him before taking him to the nursery. It is necessary for the good of everyone is convinced of the step you are taking. In addition, parents should prepare for the onset of certain diseases of early childhood. We can not forget that the child’s immune system is still weak and will inevitably take some disease. Care for the vaccination according to age is essential for the proper development of the child.

Let the baby in the nursery so soon may seem a throwback to the head of the mummy, but if the choice of the small school is done well, a place where Mom feel safe to let your child while you work, the school may be a space much learning for the baby. At first, it may seem that parents are ‘abandoning’ the baby, but with time you will see that their son needs to socialize and learn to share things. When the baby enters a nursery is one of the most important moments of their lives and their parents.


Why choose the nursery for baby

The nursery can be beneficial for the baby especially if he is very pampered and spoiled by the family. In kindergarten children can learn many things:

  • To be more independent and autonomous ;
  • The share toys and games;
  • To collaborate;
  • To be more sociable

And as parents, little by little vain observing how your child learn all these things. The attitude that must have when Ups the child to the nursery, it is very important. Should express security and tranquility to the child. The child understands everything. If parents look sad, the children will also feel well. Parents should encourage adaptation of the child to day care, always in contact with teachers and observing the child’s behavior. It is recommended that the child get along with the teacher. For parents to feel safe it is recommended that they know and visit the nursery before enrolling your child.