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Best Car Scratch Remover Tips

Best Car Scratch Remover Tips

Best Car Scratch Remover Tips – The paint of a car is scratched too easily, but you can easily erase the superficial scratches off your vehicle’s paint by using a polishing product, abrasive paper, and polishing pads.

Best Car Scratch Remover Tips

Clear scratches on your car’s paint

Everyone knows, painting a car easily scratches. Just a bag of provisions placed on the roof, the hood or the chest, a clumsy gesture for the bag to glide and … voila, instant scratch. But don’t panic. You could get rid of these minor scratches yourself in less than an hour, and for less than $30.

To find out if the scratch in question can be adjusted by this small repair, pass your nail on. If your fingernail touches the scratch without hitting it, it is a minor scratch that will disappear with a good polishing. If on the other hand your nail remains caught in the stripe, it is necessary to entrust the work to a pro so that it takes care of the repair of the bodywork.

If your scratch has passed the test, obtain abrasive paper 3000 grit, polishing and polishing paste, as well as buffing pads. You will also need a portable drill or a double action polisher (DA). You will find most of the necessary equipment on the shelves of any auto parts store. You can also purchase a complete scratch repair kit (3 m Scratch removal system No. 39071 is a good choice, available through our partner

Tools needed for this project

Prepare in advance all the necessary tools for this DIY project: You will save time and serenity.

  • Cordless drill
  • Tampon soaked in polishing product.
  • Abrasive paper with Grain 3000
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Polishing paste
  • Polishing Product

Note: You can buy these different products separately, or in a scratch remover kit.

Sand the scratch of your car

Moisten the stripe as well as the sandpaper and lightly sand until the paint takes on an opaque appearance and the stripe is not as visible to the naked eye. Then clean the surface using a microfiber towel.

Apply the product to clear the scratch of your car

Place polishing paste on the polishing pad and spread it over and around the striped area. Then operate your polisher or auger at 1 200 rpm until you get a slight sail. Pass a new layer of polishing product to restore the brightness of the paint.