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Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park – And behold, after kilometers of the road, we arrived at Zion National Park in the quiet of the night. Zion National Park is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day. The most popular months to visit are April through October. We had been looking for a gasoline pump where the tire air faucet worked to fill our inflatable mattress, and we were knackered. When we got to the Zion National Park camping trip, we just thought about sleeping and that’s exactly what we did. We extend the mattress in the back of our SUV, we pull out of the sleeping bag and sleep screwed…

When we woke up, we didn’t even remember where we parked. So we were not prepared for the spectacle that the sunrise brought us. We opened our eyes and found out that we had come to give one of the best secrets in the United States!

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

Best Time to Visit Zion National Park

Can you tell that this was my favorite natural park? Now read and see also the tips of Zion National Park I drop below…

So that’s it. Imagine a golden valley flanked by cliffs of reddish tones. This is Zion National Park. With nearly 600 square kilometers, the largest of the cliffs (or canyon, as the Americans say) soars to 2,660 meters altitude.

Although the park is apparently full of visitors, these can only visit a portion of the park and access is highly conditioned. For example, it is mandatory to stay in one of the local lodgings or campsites and these exhausts easily, having to reserve with weeks or even months in advance. Within the park, it is forbidden to use your own car and there is an electric bus that runs through the valley, leaving visitors at specific points to initiate the walks through the park.


Zion National Park

And this one, huh? Who would have thought that with this organization and concern for preservation, this park would be in the heart of the United States?

I was highly impressed with the functioning and the Rangers, which protect the park, give hints to visitors about hiking, organize lectures and activities, and launch alerts when a storm ahead. It would later discover that this is indeed the functioning model of the vast majority of the United States National Parks, in a total of 59 parks managed by the National Park Service.

The best of all this? It seems that nature is in full harmony with the man. At the end of the day, the deer descend the mountain and come to the valley where the campers are, to feed on the freshest herb and drink the river water.

And sometimes nature even keeps us to the company. As it happened in the case I woke up in the morning, and I came across a beautiful tarantula, right at the entrance of the camping bathroom… But apparently, everyone lives in peace with it. Just go wash the breakfast dishes somewhere else where there are no deadly spiders…


Zion National Park

Zion National Park Tips: And what to say about hiking itself?
At the entrance to the park, we have the visitor center which provides the essential information, even for the most unusual walker. There are tracks for all levels. From 1-hour hiking paths straight, trekking that takes a whole day to do and put us to the test every minute…

You just choose what’s best suited to your profile. This is the part that doesn’t have to plan previously because the Rangers are there to advise us. They give us detailed maps for all the trails, and yet explain to us how to get, what to carry and, even, how are the conditions weather on the route! Just worry about taking shoes and proper clothing, a bottle of water and snacks for the way.

We were in the park for 2 days and we did about 6 hiking (some 1 hour, others occupying half a day). These were the two paths that marked me most… Of course, they were the most difficult, long, challenging.


No pain, no gain!

Zion National Park tips: Angel’s Landing – 9kms/4 hours
The path of Angel’s Landing is one of the most difficult to conclude. First, we have to climb for 2 hours to get to the top of a cliff. Well, look below:

And when we think we’ve reached the end of torture, behold, the cliff is frightening, yes, frighteningly, steep and narrow. So much, that there is an iron belt that we have to cling to. And there we go pulling to get up there, praying that there are no gusts of very strong wind. Note in detail below:


Zion National Park 5

And, of course, when we come to this part of the route, there is a plaque that sympathetically warns us of the number of adventurous who have already died in that same place.


Fantastic, isn’t it?

I, obviously, had no tomatoes (no ovaries, nothing worth it) to enlist me in such a crazy thing. I’m too clumsy and I cherish my life. I have remained more than 1 hours waiting for my more-than-everything to go down the same path that went up, not in freefall. Fortunately, he took some photographs that prove the collective suicide that is raising Angel’s Landing…

Zion National Park Tips: The narrows – 15 kms/8 hours
In the Narrows course, the challenging element is water, as the path consists primarily of climbing upriver between two cliffs that are approaching, thereby making the journey increasingly narrower (narrow in English).

Here, in addition to walking in the river against the current with the soaked feet, we feel increasingly claustrophobic, with the stone plates that are approaching between us, and with the depth of the river that is rising as the bed becomes narrower.

In this course, we cheated and decided to turn back. It’s just that at the moment, to continue, we would have to dive and continue to walk upriver with water to the neck. It had reached my limit, and therefore we decided to turn back the same way, which is, moreover, the only way out of the section…


Zion National Park 15

For me, Zion National Park has been an incredible experience and an overcoming of boundaries. But the park has many other routes with different levels of difficulty and suitable for families and visitors with some kind of motor difficulty.

Here’s the complete rundown of the routes and some hints at Zion National Park. The park has several campsites, 1 small hotel, supermarket, and restaurant. For more information, please refer to the official site of Zion National Park, where you find all the details to plan your visit.

Did you like the tips of Zion National Park?