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What is Best Time to have a Wedding

What is Best Time to have a Wedding

What is Best Time to have a Wedding – Relationship isn’t math, so it’s hard to know the right time to get married. But hearing the opinion that you went through it helps to cope better with this “little” doubt. For many women, dating has an expiration date, Yes, and after some time it is necessary to think of joining the rags, not only that, officiating the union.

What is Best Time to have a Wedding

Some psychologists also believe that there is a certain time for dating. In his article in the British newspaper Daily Mail, Pam Spurr Released: “If you have not reached the altar between 18 months and 3 years of relationship, something is wrong-and postponing the decision will not help fix”. In fact, what he really wants to say is that if after three years one of two comes to another and say that he wants to take on some sort of compromise, and the answer is negative on the other side, it is time to open the game and rethink better in the future of the relationship.

For psychologist Cristina Jungle, there is no exact time to get out of dating and make a commitment, but rather affinities and feelings. From the moment you realize you don’t exist, the relationship ends. “I do not believe that there is a risk in a long relationship, nowadays it is very common for people to live together and then decide for a more serious relationship,” he says. Another reason for the long-term relationships, according to the psychologist, is the extent of adolescence. “It’s common to see in families, girls and boys 25 to 30 years old who don’t think about leaving home and taking responsibility, often because they think it’s early because they worry about investing in their careers.” That way, the marriage is in the background.

We’re going to the examples in practical life. The plastic artist Gabriela de Moraes Luiz Machado, 23, is with all the steaming for the ceremony, event that happens in February 2011, with one small detail: For now, the wedding is a secret for most guests. ‘ Cause no one knows we’re getting married, except our relatives. Everyone will only know when they receive the invitation “, it tells Gabriela that with a good financial reserve, made from the moment the two set the date, is already able to pay for the feast and the apartment.

The Chosen One for this new “contract” of the plastic artist was the administrator of companies Emerson Santos, 29. More eager beavers had enough two months of dating for them to embark on the wedding conversation. “We met in May of 2008 and in less than a year we were engaged,” he tells. Before marking the date, the only drawback was deciding which city they were going to live in. “He’s a relief, I’m from Sao Paulo. It made me a little worried because I was afraid of this change for me or for him. Emerson’s coming over at the end of the year, and we’re going to start a new life together, “confirms.

Best Time to have a Wedding

Vanessa Figueiredo Pomegranate has a somewhat different story. It was five years of dating before it was officially the union. “The first glance was at a wedding, Valentine’s Day, and we got married five years later, on the same date.” At the time she was 24, he was 26. Already in the engagement, she felt prepared, but then changed her opinion of the fact that dividing the responsibilities between home, work and husband. “I was afraid that the marriage would last little. Despite five years of living, the insecurity was beating, and still beats. ” Because of wedding jitters anxiety, Vanessa has had a lot of nightmares.

“One day I dreamed that I was trapped in the car, who lost the keys and the priest came to marry me in the car. I’m in and the groom out. I even dreamed that the bouquet was vegetables. Some of these nightmares were actually for real life. The business administrator has come to uncheck the date and cancel the dress for quarrels with her mother-in-law-she thought the two were too young to make a commitment. “Put a hindrance to everything, mother thing.” But fortunately the situation lasted little and soon the dress voted to be done.

Living together is a good deal?

In many cases, the test drive can be a way of the couple to experience new situations as dividing accounts and, above all, learning to respect the space of others. “It’s a way to get to know each other better. They can perceive a risk if the decision is taken by impulse, without thinking of the future consequences that may harm both, “points to the psychologist. But for Vanessa, it wasn’t such a beneficial thing. Before the wedding, she went to live in her mother-in-law’s house for a few months. “We didn’t have a husband and wife relationship, that’s when I started to see that customs were different from the simple act of washing and passing clothes. His mom arranged the shirts by color in the wardrobe. When we took over a house I didn’t have time for it, he complained. At his house, the dinner dishes were washed overnight, after dinner, at my house was different, and it bothered him. I had no pike too, after a day’s work, get home, make dinner and still leave the kitchen glowing, “counts.

As with Vanessa, the differences will always exist along the wedding, either at the beginning or during the relationship to two. For her, the most important thing in this story is to keep an open dialogue. “In addition to love, the relationship needs to be based on trust, so it has no way to move forward.” In your opinion it is in marriage that men and women begin to realize that they are not just one person, but two in the relationship.

“These people who need to share and often yield, deal with the wills and dissatisfactions of the partner. That often contributes to that it does not work. Thinking of marriage is thinking of similarities and differences and, above all, pondering, “completes the psychologist. – Best Time to have a Wedding