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Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle

Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle

Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle – First of all, write down: I’m a lousy seller. I don’t have any drop of the art of commerce running through my veins. Precisely for this reason, I decided to share the paths that, one way or another, served for the Honda XR250 Tornado and the Harley-Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy who accompanied me for some time to change hands and to make the joy of other motorcyclists.

Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle

That said, a brief answer to the question that always makes me:

Piréx, why did you sell it?

I sold why, after many times – 20 years, to be precise – running exclusively on paved roads, I bought the tornado and with it entered me through the beaten ground roads. Fat Boy is an excellent motorcycle, but requires a good quality pavement; The tornado, on the other hand, bypasses the irregularities of the floor and only has not become my only motorcycle because its 250 CCS suffered by loading my almost 100 kg. How to stay with them and acquire another was never an option (on account of my budget restriction, popularly known as the lack of money), it was left to sell both and find out who would be the successor.

Is it sure there’s a person interested in your motorcycle somewhere, but where? Discovering it is not an easy task and my recent experience has demonstrated that the best alternative is to shoot all sides, starting at the easiest (and cheaper). Let’s go through my suggestions.

1. Advertise on a classified site. In addition to most of them not charging for the advertisement, websites similar to popular, Web engines, Olx and Viva Street are very sought after by potential buyers, in addition to allowing their data to be correctly indexed by searchers, which facilitates their location. When creating the announcement, think as a buyer and watch the following:

1.1 The photos need to speak for themselves. Forget the old photos or epic trips: What a buyer wants to see are recent images, with good lighting, allowing to see the details of the motorcycle (tires, paint, panel, motor, bench, etc.). Dirty Motorcycle, of course, doesn’t arouse anyone’s interest.

1.2 The description needs to be clear and objective. Too many details will cause the reader to lose interest before the end and maybe not even the part that really matters: items such as color, mileage, and state of the paint and tyres are important but do not overdo the size of the text and in no way put a false information (that latter can send a closed deal down). Finally, make available more than one form of contacts, such as e-mail and telephone, to expedite clarification of doubts.

1.3 Be realistic in price. There is no doubt that motorcycles have an affective value for their owners, but unfortunately who dictates prices is the market and not our hearts. A good starting point is the table of the Foundation Institute for Economic Research, but the price it informs is not a rule: it is good to analyze the ads of similar motorcycles to verify that the values practiced are above or below the fipe.

2. Use and call your network of contacts. In possession of the advertisement link, use all available tools to disseminate the information of the sale-e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, discussion lists, forums and what else is at hand – and prepare to negotiate, since it is quite possible that the most varied offers (involving other vehicles, consortia, parcel payment and so on).

3. Choose a resale of used. Leaving the motorcycle for sale in a store can be a good deal mainly because (1) the shopkeeper may receive another used in the Exchange or (2) to get funding for the buyer; Moreover, (3) Often purchases of this type are made by Impulse: a citizen went there to see another motorcycle and ended up taking his home. Although most shops do not charge for sale, it is necessary to combine the values (of the motorcycle and the seller’s commission) before no one is harmed.

4. Advertise in a newspaper of great circulation. It was a good time that I did not announce anything and I confess that I was surprised by the value – almost R $40 – charged by a simple announcement in the Sunday vehicle notebook of a newspaper of Porto Alegre (RS). It is worth announcing in a traditional media to test the return of the market and, quietly, negotiate between the stakeholders from the store and the publications on the Internet and in the newspaper.

Selling a motorcycle requires time, dedication, patience and a lot of persistence, but with money in hand, it is possible to make a more advantageous business in purchasing the next partner of roads. Good luck on your next sale!