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Blood and Personality: The theory that associates the blood type with the characteristics of each

Blood and Personality

Many of you know or have heard about the blood type diet, which recommends a diet and lifestyle for each type of blood (A, B, 0, AB). In Japan, it is very common to assume that the blood affects in some way the psychophysical characteristics of people, as well as their attitudes.
Blood and Personality
This theory, known as Ketuekigata, date of the early 20th century and to formulate it in a more detailed way was Takeji Furukawa, professor of psychology, in his “study of temperament through blood groups” in 1927, where he analyzed the characteristics of a group of students at a school in Tokyo. After its publication, the theory became very popular and beloved in Japan, where several newspapers offer some sort of blood horoscope, as we do for the zodiac signs.

But let’s understand better than this theory. The key point from which we begin is simple: each type of blood would lead to some specific characteristics that are found in all the people of a blood group.

Group A

Serious, creative, sensitive, reserved, patient and responsible people, but at the same time stubborn, are those in whose veins run the blood type A. They are kind individuals, those who often pose the interests of others in front of their own interests. Although they may seem exteriorly calm, in fact, inside they are very agitated and they may suffer anxiety, so they should spend some time alone so they can rest. The people of the group A are a good listener and good friends; They may be artists, but they can also perform well any work they should be in contact with other people.

Group B

People in group B are particularly bright and entrepreneurial, not very reliable and a little self-centered. Full of energy and self-reliance, they are often leaders who take high positions in their jobs because they rely very much on their own intuition and little in other people. They are enthusiastic, cheerful, communicative, sociable people, do not worry too much about the risks and deposes the rules. They are also less loyal than the people of the group A, which can be said that they are the exact opposite of everything.

Group 0

The men and women of group 0 are born pacifists, optimistic, independent and generous by nature. They love news and be close to people who usually pay their respects because, as they are, they are respectful people of the ideas of others, understanding and open. People in group 0 know how to control their emotions, they are full of confidence, extroverted, patients and always have a very clear goal. For all these reasons are usually excellent organizers and can express the best of themselves within a group of people.

AB Group

The people of the AB group, the rarest blood type, are generally very rational and controlled, critical, forgotten and sometimes irresponsible. Nevertheless, they are sensitive and profound. Soon it is clear that this type of blood, being between a and B, is a kind of ambivalence, not always easy to manage. They are people who know very well to solve problems that arise and are very serious at work.

Obviously lacking scientific evidence that justifies this theory, however, a little “like the signs of the Zodiac”, it’s a fascinating thing. Did you identify yourself? I do, hehehe:)