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Buy a Cheap Used Car: Tips for Choosing Right

Buy a Cheap Used Car

Buy a cheap Used car: tips for choosing right

Used cars more than ten years old are no longer rated and their meter usually displays more than 100000 km, when not 200 000. But they are not expensive and can still make great services.
For those who have only a limited budget, or who do not want to ruin themselves in a car, the opportunities for more than ten years are a boon.
However, the buyer says avoid paying it too expensive or end up with a good car for scrapping.

Buy a Cheap Used Car

How can we not get trapped?

The Price:

Spent ten years, the price of a used car will depend essentially on its condition. The same model can resell €3000 in impeccable condition and between 1500 and €2000 maxi if its bodywork is marked by small shocks or if its interior is faded.
Big fees to plan can even drop its price under the €1000.
Mileage: It influences less on the state of the mechanics than the use that was made of the car and its maintenance. In other words, it is better to choose a model that has made 200000 km in excellent conditions (mainly road and highway, (regular revisions) than on another less kilométré, but who will have spent his life in traffic jams, with a motor drained only every two or three years.

Evaluate its state

Start by relying on your intuition. If the car does not inspire you with confidence, do not insist, especially if it is offered at a price too high compared to its condition.
Did it not stop you?
Does she sound healthy?
First of all, read the balance sheet of the technical control: even if the car escapes any counter visit, an accumulation of reported defects is never a good sign and reflects a lack of maintenance.

Ask for the revision bills.

However, the owner may very well have carried out the current operations itself: question it on your quality of oil used, the frequency of the discharged parts replaced. If he is uncomfortable with his answers, mistrust, you may face a neglected interview.

Try It

Even old and kilometer, a well-maintained car will not have a particular weakness in driving. The technical control will inform you about the condition of the brakes, suspensions, steering and rolling trains.
On the other hand, only one test will allow you to get an idea about the smooth operation of the gearbox (no cracking) and the clutch: In a strong rib, by accelerating frankly, the latter must not skate.