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What is the Common Name for the Eponychium?

What is the Common Name for the Eponychium

What is the Common Name for the Eponychium –¬†Eponychium, What is this? It’s the fold of skin that covers a baby’s nails in the womb I think but remains after birth as the cuticle.



  1. In individual anatomy, the eponychium [Greek epi (on, upon)+onychion (little claw)], is the hardened layer of skin surrounding fingernails and toenails. It can likewise be called the medial or proximal nail fold. Its function is to defend the area separating the nail and epidermis from exposure to bacteria. The vascularization pattern is related to that of perionychium. In hoofed animals, the eponychium is the deciduous hoof capsule in fetuses and newborn foals and is a component of the permanent hoof in older animals. (
  2. A waxy substance that fills the gap between the nail plate and the skin structure, protecting the structure of the finger against bacterial invasions and elements such as soaps, detergents, etc., which can cause dermatological, allergic and contact pathologies.