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Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings – Hello, Girls! How’s it going? Today the post is a request from my friend Elka, who asked on Twitter a little help with pants leggings. It’s been a while since the leggings have come out of the academies and marked the presence in the streets, shops, and ballads around the world. With this popularization also appeared in various lengths, different colors, and fabrics, such as the wet leggings that have wet/glossy aspect and the Jeggings, which are the Leggins-looking Jeans. – Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

In my opinion, that kind of trousers is somewhat controversial. Hauhuahua seriously, I see a lot of people who are hesitant to think that it will look like they are going to the Academy, or that will accentuate the very thin legs, or the very thick legs, which will appear cellulite, which will be “Appu Madishetti”… Of course, the rule of “common sense” prevails in all garments, but I hope this post will help to take some doubts!

Leggings are key pieces, which have the power both to value and disguise your body. For girls who are in shape, they’re great for parading their turned-around legs. But that does not mean that those who want to hide some extra love handles may not use, because they can opt for a dark and glowing with a little one, for example.

Then let’s go. Some basic assumptions: legging is not transparent as pantyhose, then gives more freedom to use short pieces, but also not the same thing as trousers, so it’s better to always wear with blouses, skirts or dresses that cover the butt. In the case of skirts and dresses, the idea is that they are at the height of the knee or above, because below it will flatten you.


Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

For those looking for an outfit to work, try combining with a blazer or style boyfriend (which is more begone long one and similar to that of men)


Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

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More Tips!

For the incredibly low, I recommend avoiding those leggings in the middle of the calf. If they want to use a short, it is best to end just below the knee. But the idea is to use the same long, which end up in the pen. Another cool for an incredibly low tip is one that I spoke the other day, wear a shoe with the same color leggings, as well as gives the impression of being away legs.

Girls high can use that end up in the middle of the calf without fear, and also abuse miniskirts and short dresses, who value the legs. They can also enjoy that do not need “tricks” to lengthen the legs and risky a colorful and contrasting shoe.

To “Disguise” The thin legs, skinny may abuse pants in light colors, strong, printed colors and shiny, vinyl, sequins, etc. It is also legal to use more sleek outfits and blouses that well defines the slender silhouette.

The chubby should be careful double with light pants, but they can have confidence in the pants in dark and opaque shades, combined with long shirts or light and big blouses, dresses free, etc.

Ultimate concerns:

Pay attention to transparency. Clear and white leggings can mark the panties, cellulite and the soul-Huahuahua ah go, not? -Then when using pants always wear blouses with dresses/skirts Concert and check out 1000 times in the mirror before leaving. – Cute Long Shirts to Wear with Leggings

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Also Avoid super looks just even being thin, not to stay with the face of “gym” or “Appu Madishetti” or “Appu Madishetti the Academy.” But if even risk an entire composition, avoid very deep necklines and/or short blouses. (c Laro, if you want to use one still clinging/small, low-cut and a white legging, then do not accept complaints)