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Difference between Love You and I Love You

Difference between Love You and I Love You

I love you and I love you are phrases that convey some emotional attachment to the person, or in some cases pets, things or food, in the matter. However, there is a subtle difference between them, and that difference we are going to discuss.

Difference between Love You and I Love You


I love you

I love you commonly you are told the person you love as a way to reaffirm their emotional weight to their being. This is said to his other relatives, relatives, and sometimes even friends. Most of the time, I love you is being told for one to start hopefully a meaningful relationship with each other. Sometimes it is also used to express their affection for someone or something, whether their parents, siblings and even pets.


Love you

Love you is more in an informal and casual way of saying the meaning essentially “I love you “, however, this is commonly used as a way to express gratitude or even affection among friends without having to take a romantic connotation. How to tell your girlfriends “Love You ” After being comforted, or something. People should be cautious in using this phrase, however, because they can deceive someone who may have feelings for the person to say.


Difference between love you and I love you

As I said before, “I love you ” and “I love you ” essentially means the same thing. However, “I Love You” is usually reserved for your partner and your parents, while ‘ Love You ‘ is commonly used for friends and siblings and pets. The “Love you ” can also be said to your other significant or to your parents however, it is usually at the times when the atmosphere is light. However, the two sentences can cause confusion between two people, especially if someone has feelings for each other. That’s why “I love you and ” Love you “should not be used lightly and insensibly.

There is nothing like listening to the words “I love you” of someone, however, it is necessary to read between the lines to know if there is a romantic intention behind the sentence or not.