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Difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla

Difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla

Q. Vanilla versus French vanilla. Explain the difference, please!
A. Vanilla bean varieties are often named after the place where they are grown, such as Madagascar, Tahiti, and Mexico. That’s not the case with French vanilla. The name does not refer to a variety of vanilla, but to the classic French way of making ice cream using a base of egg cream.
Craig Nielsen, CEO of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, said eggs give French vanilla a “richer, deeper” note than what’s found in simple vanilla.

Regular vanilla ice cream made without eggs is called the Philadelphia style according to David Lebovitz, a Paris-based baker, chef, and blogger.

Difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla

Difference between Vanilla and French Vanilla

French vanilla, certainly, is both a taste and aroma that transcends ice cream.
This is how Mauricio Poulsen, director of creation and app flavors for the International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. defines it: “Today, in sensory terms, when we refer to French vanilla, that’s when the flavor of vanilla is caramelized, cream-like, cooked, like an egg, slightly floral.

While current vanilla ice cream lovers may look like a boring or generic offering, it used to be considered in fact a very exotic flavor. Because it was such a popular choice for consumers, vanilla became the flagship of the ice cream family, closely followed by chocolate and strawberry. The complex flavors created by the vanilla pod, a member of the orchid family, were never meant to become a generic base, however.

There are several variations in the standard vanilla flavor, including a particularly rich and creamy variety called French Vanilla. Although traditional French vanilla and vanilla ice cream treats can still be used as a base for milkshakes and another dessert, there are some differences. The traditional vanilla flavor is derived from the seeds of a vanilla syllable, or at least a synthetic chemical equivalent called vanillin. French vanilla is another freezing egg custard and contains egg yolks for a richer consistency.

The traditional vanilla cream probably also contains tiny vanilla bean stains, but French vanilla is often strained to remove these stains. Because egg yolks, French vanilla ice cream also appears to be a deeper shade of yellow than traditional vanilla ice cream. French vanilla ice cream is often perceived as more creamy texture than many standard vanilla cream brands that are the result of starting with a cream base instead of cream can be.

There is no difference between the vanilla flavor used in standard or French vanilla ice cream. Vanilla pods are often distilled in alcohol to extract their complex flavors, and this extract is often used instead of natural vanilla beans in the production of ice cream in large quantities. Some brands of vanilla ice cream have real vanilla stains added during the mixing process, but their contribution to taste may be negligible. French vanilla ice cream is made with the same form of vanilla, but with a different base, with egg yolk.

The difference between vanilla, French vanilla is more evident in the perfume industry than the ice cream industry. “French Vanilla” is often sold as a perfume in itself, while a standard vanilla scent is often mixed with other fruity floral fragrances or to create a pleasant hybrid aroma for air fresheners and other odor masking products. French vanilla fragrance is usually sweet and slightly buttery, while a standard vanilla aroma is more floral and mild.

The next time you find yourself enjoying a glass of vanilla or French vanilla ice cream, try to get a sense of all its complex flavors and textures. You can never look at plain old vanilla cream the same way again.

  • Vanilla dried beans.
  • Vanilla ice cream would contain vanilla pod spots.
  • Vanilla is a popular flavor for pudding.


Vanilla vs French Vanilla

The difference between vanilla and French vanilla can be explained with the help of its use in 2 industries; Food industry and the fragrance industry.


Vanilla is a bean. It is the second most prized spice after saffron. Although it is very expensive, it is used commercially and nationally. It is mainly used in confectionery, aromatherapy, and fragrance/perfume industry.
It belongs to the orchid family and is considered to have one of the most unusual/exotic flavors known to man. To extract the flavor of vanilla, the beans are distilled in alcohol. Later, this extract is used to aromatize food.
There are 3 main regions where vanilla is cultivated. The first region includes Madagascar, Reunion and tropical regions along the Indian Ocean. The second region is the West Indies, Central, and South America. The third region is the South Pacific.


Use in the food industry

In the food industry, vanilla is essentially used in the baking and manufacture of ice cream. Vanilla is used essentially in the preparation of desserts. It is most usually used in the ice cream industry. Both flavors, vanilla, and French vanilla are derived from the vanilla capsules, but the main difference between the two is the base.
Vanilla ice cream is flavored with real beans added during baking or vanilla extract, depending on the cost of the product. It looks paler and whiter than French vanilla. The base of vanilla ice cream is cream. Vanilla stains are often added to vanilla ice cream. These ice creams do not need any heating process.
French Vanilla ice cream has egg yolk. Egg yolk is responsible for the rich yellow color of French vanilla. Egg yolk is also responsible for the softest consistency of ice cream. French Vanilla ice cream has no vanilla stains; Stress during cooking. The base of French vanilla ice cream is the egg instead of the cream. This preparation needs heating as the base is really a cream. Ask a chef and he will inform you that the French vanilla is an ice cream based on a cream containing egg yolk, and vanilla ice cream is vanilla flavored cream ice cream.

Use in the fragrance industry

Vanilla fragrance is mainly used mixed with some other fragrance. They are used to mix with other fragrances, such as floral fragrances or fruity fragrances. It’s got a faint scent.
The French vanilla is a fragrance that is sold as a single fragrance. It does not mix and has a sweet and buttery aroma.


  1. Vanilla is used to make ice creams that are paler and whiter, while French vanilla is yellowish and richer in texture.
  2. Vanilla has the stains added to them; French Vanilla has strained stains on them.
  3. Vanilla is cream-based ice cream, while French vanilla is based on pudding with egg yolk.
  4. For the development of a vanilla fragrance, fruity or floral aromas are mixed with vanilla; French Vanilla is a perfume on its own.


Vanilla and French Vanilla Ice Cream