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What are the Differences between “Nice, Cute, Pretty, Beautiful, Gorgeous, and Hot” when Describing a Woman?

Those words are exceedingly subjective and completely approximate. One day, I may say you are adorable, the other pretty, and if you dress a certain method I might state you are beautiful. Quantifying them is rather hard, as well as then, I can only measure them as for how I see them personally, based on my current mood at this minute in time. That s such a narrow window of insight, however, that s all one can do.
That being stated, here is my definition, based upon those specifications:


  • ” Nice” – generic compliment. You’re appealing and inoffensive. Might show romantic interest, does not necessarily.
  • ” Cute” – you are physically appealing, with different prospective connotations. He could be brought in to you, but he sees you as innocent or shy. He could likewise believe you’re “hot,” however thinks “charming” is a less forward, more polite method to say so.
  • ” Pretty” – You are physically appealing. Does not necessarily suggest se*xual interest.
  • ” Beautiful” – You are extremely physically attractive, much more so than most females. Does not always indicate se*xual interest, but most likely does. He might be trying to be more romantic in how he tells you you’re “hot.”.
  • ” Georgeus” – Basically the like “beautiful,” maybe more, or with a spirited connotation.
  • ” Hot” – You are remarkably se*xually appealing both physically and potentially in other ways, and he wants to make love with you.