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Do Fuel Injectors Need Periodic Cleaning?

Do Fuel Injectors Need Periodic Cleaning.

Do Fuel Injectors Need Periodic Cleaning –┬áIt is now very common when reviewing a vehicle, to offer to clean the injectors.

It is necessary to know that a cleaning of the injectors is above all a cleaning of the combustion chamber, which includes the valves and the top of the pistons which will therefore also be cleaned.

Do Fuel Injectors Need Periodic Cleaning.

What dirty a combustion chamber is the neglected air filters, an engine that consumes oil or a bad fuel. This then causes what is called a “gasoline varnish” (a kind of coagulation), which will first damage the fuel pump before damaging the injectors.

I believe that an injector cleaning should not always be part of an interview but should be done if needed only. For example, if you feel that your vehicle lacks power.

Nowadays, with the quality of the gasoline and the technology of the injectors, the problems are less common. In order to be rigorous, by prevention or in addition to maintenance, additives (injector cleaners) can be put into the fuel tank. But be careful, respect the dosage well and do not take any. Some are effective, others may have a contrary effect.