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Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage?

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage? When it comes to love, there is no rule. Couples with a large age difference are more common, but the issue is still a taboo for many people, especially if the gap is over ten years. According to behavioral therapist Ramy Arany, society is much more open to accepting that age is not an impediment to love, but one must understand what difference life can mean in two.

Ripening should be the watchword in such a relationship. “When a couple is mature, regardless of age, coexistence tends to be harmonious and the possible difficulties in relation to difference will not be appreciated by the couple,” explains the therapist.



Biased reviews are less frequent but still exist and in some cases, they come from the family itself. “You can not control people’s opinions, so the couple must have the patience for time to find a way to show their family that they love each other and that’s what really matters,” says Ramy. According to the therapist, when there are essential values, such as love, sincerity, friendship, and desire, the relationship strengthens regardless of prejudice. “When this exists the age difference does not interfere and the couple deals with it in a simple and natural way. This question weighs when there is no balance in the relationship,” he argues.


Make something positive

According to the behavioral therapist, it is possible to transform the age difference into something positive. “They are people who were only born and lived in different cycles of time and with this can and should add experiences of lives,” he says.


The age difference between celebrities

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas are 26 years apart

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage

The president of Network TV! Amilcare Dallevo Jr. is married to presenter Daniela Albuquerque, 25 years younger

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage

Founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, is 60 years older than his wife Crystal Harris

Does Age Difference Matter in Marriage

Ana Paula Siebert, who met Roberto Justus during participation in the reality show “The Apprentice”, is 33 years younger than the presenter.