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6 How to Dress so that Your Body Posture look taller


6 How to Dress so that Your Body Posture look taller.

Almost every girl wants a perfect appearance. Unfortunately, not all fashion trends fit for their wear. One of the barriers is to have a posture that is not too high. Especially when coupled with the weight which belongs to the tiny, sometimes makes you not confident.

Therefore, you need to get around this unfortunate posture to keep it looking beautiful, not even wear a style that makes you more visible ‘ sink .’

1. Notice the blend of long pants, tops, shoes and bags. Everything should look dull and don’t make weight views.

Please choose the model of high waisted pants will accentuate the waist and create optical illusions, that posture your body greater than it was. The ends of the pants should you fold the origin do not be too high.
Wear a crop top or insert an above shirt into pants.
We recommend that you use shoes with the taper to display long impression on your feet.
Rather than arouse the bag size oversized, mending you use small sling bags size fitting with your body.

2. Most girls posture tiny erred when wearing fashion sign-on, deserve only the more visible ‘ drowned.’


Select the sign-on of one color to make your body look longer.
Long sleeves are ideal for the small-bodied girl is 3/4.
Don’t forget to wear a belt that is not overly broad with contrasting colors, to make your loins don’t look overly broad and slim.

3. Vertical striped shirt is indeed more suggested, but wear striped shirts kicker also horizontal are forbidden. As long as you are smart mix contrasted his subordinates.


Avoid horizontal lined Canal closes the upper body and bottom because it will make you look shorter than it is.
Wear a black midi skirt, do not forget to enter your clothes up to waist high.
Select shoes to avoid similar colored with colors so that your feet are visible beneath it.

4. Now, you can also be styled with loose pants. Don’t forget to always pay attention to your boss so unsightly
Choose light colors are matching for tops and pants too lax.


Don’t let the above dangle down, put in your pants baggy raised up to the waist.
If you choose a long-sleeve top, always try to enter due to the 3/4 sleeves always look more proportioned Petite bodied for girls.

5. Don’t waste the use of pencil skirts that are very likely to make the higher your body posture. Note rules!

The key was just one, wear a supervisor of the instruction entered into the skirt pencil. Never let it fall cover dress if you don’t want to fail visible high!

6. Choose the right accessories and shoes to let yourselves to look taller maximum success.

Wear neutral colored shoes that make your feet level. Black shoes will only give short weight and effect.
Choose accessories that extend past the neck and chest, don’t be too imposing to wear a necklace of small thus make your neck look small.

Well, now you have no more confusion ‘ right, how does the trick to making you look taller posture?

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