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What is Effect of Bullying in Childhood

What is Effect of Bullying

What is Effect of Bullying – That bullying in children poses a problem for schools, parents, and the government is already a known fact? A new study, however, shows that the range may be even greater, affecting the psychological of the victims to adulthood. Difficulty maintaining a steady job, developing social relationships and even being hit by serious illnesses would be among the lifelong effects of bullying. The newly published research in Psychological Science seeks to estimate the results of this intimidation in the lives of young people after school.

What is Effect of Bullying

The risk of problems related to health, income and social capacity is multiplied by exposure to bullying, says the study, which looks at factors other than those related to education – and estimates its effects on the future of children. A team of psychologists from the University of Warwick and the Duke University Health Center investigated the impact of this pressure on victims, offenders and those who fall into both categories.

“We can not continue to treat bullying as harmless, almost inevitable, ( as if it were ) part of maturation,” says scientist Dieter Wolke. “We need to change that thinking and recognize that this is a serious problem for both the individual and the whole country, the effects are long-lasting and significant,” Wolke said.

Children who suffered and practiced bullying were at greatest risk of developing health problems as adults: they were six times more likely to be diagnosed with a serious illness, to smoke frequently or to develop some psychiatric disorder than those who have not been subjected to such intimidation.