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Fashion Magazine Submissions List

fashion magazine submissions

Fashion Magazine Submissions List – As a photographer myself, I know how frustrating it can be to do a unbelievable style or magnificence editorial and then are attempting to determine out where to publish it.

fashion magazine submissions

fashion magazine

Questions like; Which style mag will it fit? What type of mag do I want it in? Print or online? How should I go about filing it? and snug. and comfortable. Will start racing through your mind.

If you are like me, at this factor, you want to give up and just submit them on social media and be accomplished with it.

Well, for months now I have been compiling a large list of style magazines and magnificence magazines that are all the time looking for submissions and able to take a look at your editorials. So with politeness we have made your life just a bit easier.

earlier than filing your editorials blindly to many various magazines, we recommend that you take a look at each one you are filing to. If your style and look of editorial does not match the style and look of the mag, the possibilities are high that your submission will not be accepted.

additionally, be a good submitter and comply with the checklist each mag has laid out in how they want you to post. If they don’t want zip data, then don’t ship them. different types of you run the risk of your submission being deleted and unseen. So PLEASE observe the magazines submission guidelines.

With that out of the way, I am satisfied to proportion with you style Magazines that take Submissions.

due to the fact there are alternative types of magazines; from those you can find on the newsstands, to those that are only online, and all in among; and a few photographers only like to publish to a certain type, I have taken the time to separate the magazines into groupings so that you can cognizance on the ones you would like to post to. If you would like to understand it your hand at them all then awesome !!

We will be continually including to this list as we find more awesome guides for you to are attempting your hand at filing to.
If you have a mag you would like indexed, please message us at [email protected]

Fashion Magazine Submissions List

Print Magazines that are available on the Newsstands/Stores and Digital
1968 – – [email protected]
AND MEN – – [email protected]
Atlas – – [email protected]
Bullett – – [email protected]
COLE – – [email protected]
DAHSE – – [email protected]
Eclectic– – [email protected]
Factice – – [email protected]
Flanelle – – [email protected]
GLASSbook – –  [email protected]
Highlights – – [email protected]
HUNGER – – [email protected]
IDOL – – [email protected]
Lone Wolf – –
Material Girl – – [email protected]
NOI.SE – – [email protected]
OOB – – [email protected]
Peppermint – – [email protected]
REVS – – [email protected]
SMagazine – – accepts submissions via their app..( fee)(Fashionable Nudes)
Schön! – – [email protected]
SVA – – [email protected]
TIRADE –  –  [email protected]
TREATS – – [email protected] (Fashionable Nudes)
ZINK – – [email protected]
Zeum – –  [email protected]

Print Magazines available to purchase online in Print and Digital
(magazines with print runs that you can purchase on their website or online magazine stores)
125– – of $10)
BLANCHE – – [email protected]
Chasseur – –  [email protected]
CREEM – – [email protected]
Dress to Kill – –
FAULT – – [email protected]
FAVE –  –  [email protected]
FRUK –  –  [email protected]
MITH –  –
Normal – – [email protected]  (Fashionable Nudes)
Push It – –
Remix – – [email protected]

Print-on-Demand Magazines also Available in Digital
(magazines that are printed as a person orders it)
Bambi – – [email protected] (Fashionable Nudes)
Bisous – – [email protected]
CHAOS – – [email protected]
DeFuze – – [email protected]
Dreamingless –  –  [email protected]
Elegant –  – [email protected]
Ellements – – [email protected]
FACADE – – [email protected]
Fashion Xchange – – [email protected]
FEROCE –  –   (on hiatus)
HUF – – [email protected]
IMUTE – –  [email protected]
JUTE – –  [email protected]
LIVID –  –  [email protected]
LUCY’S – – [email protected]
Magpie Darling – –
MOD – – [email protected]
MODO – –
Obscurae – –
STORM – – [email protected]
SYN – –
Tantalum – – [email protected]
Tinsel Tokyo – – [email protected]
The View – – [email protected]
The Alchemist – –  [email protected]
UCE – – [email protected] (rebaranding currently)
Volition –  –  [email protected]
Vulkan – –  [email protected]
Xander –  –  [email protected]

Online Magazine/Blogs
(No print run, no print on demand if you submit it will be online only)
160g – – [email protected]
Coco Indie – – [email protected]
En Vie – –  [email protected]
Fashion G Rogue – – [email protected] (very popular)
Florum – – [email protected]
FMD – – (very popular)
Black Magazine – –  [email protected]
Kenton –  –  [email protected]
KODD- –  [email protected]
SOME –  –  [email protected]
STARDUST –  –  submissions[at]