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How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt

How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt

How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt – The bloodstain may bother you, however, even if it is dry or recent it is possible to get rid of this problem simply. Check below how to take blood stain.

How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt

How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt


How to Get Blood Out of a White Shirt


Remove Blood Stain with Soap and Water

This method is quite simple and works on linen and cotton pieces. To remove the stain, turn the fabric and let the stain down, so in this position wash the stain with cold water (avoid using warm or hot water) and rub with soap and hands if you need more soap and process until the stain is gone.


Remove Blood Spots with Meat Softener

The meat tenderizer can help remove the blood stain; in addition, it can be used in any tissue and can be found in any market. To know if the product does not bring any damage to the fabric try to test some part of the hidden fabric.

If the product does not present any problem, take about 15 ml of meatless seasoning without seasoning and place in a bowl and pour water until it forms a thick paste.

After forming the thick paste pick up and rub into the stain of dry blood and gently rub your fingers, then let it rest for an hour. After this time dry the paste with cold water and wash the fabric normally and let it dry in the wind.


Remove Blood Spots with Enzyme Cleaner

With the enzymatic cleaner, the user can remove the blood stain on pieces of silk or wool, as this method allows breaking the proteins.

For those who have trouble finding an enzyme product, an alternative is to use a natural or sustainable detergent. With the product, wash the fabric with cold running water to soften the blood, then run your fingers through the fabric to aid removal.

Then leave the sauce tissue in the ice water and the enzyme cleaner (or natural detergent) and dissolve 120 ml of cleaner (or other product) in a bowl of cold water and then place the stained tissue in the same container. Let the fabric soak according to the severity of the stain, being able to stay an hour or even a maximum of eight hours.


Vinegar to take Blood Stain

To remove the blood stain, put the stained part in cold water to soften the blood. Then put white vinegar in a bowl and put the laundry leaving the stained part immersed. After 30 minutes rub the stain with your hands, rinse with cold water and wash and dry normally.

And you, do you know any other way to get blood stains from clothes? Share your tip in the comments below.

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