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How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back after Dying

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back after Dying

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back after Dying – After constant colorings and chemical procedures, his client asked to return to the natural color of the hair? Good to know that the locks and global colorings do not need to be part of her life forever! It takes some care and ready: the wires can return to the original color. The hairstylist Moreno, the salon Jacques Janine Salvador Shopping in Salvador, Bahia, teaches you how to do the job.

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back after Dying

How to Get Your Natural Hair Color Back after Dying


How to Find Out The Natural Tone Hair of Your Customer

“We have identified the original tone of the wires by checking the root in the neck region, the back, and center of the head. For a hairstylist, this work is very intuitive, just by looking we can already know what color should be applied.”


Bleached Hair

The desire to be blonde move a fairly significant portion of women. Therefore, the immense success of fuses, their constant updates and his growing number of devotees. However, if the client wants to go back to being brunette quickly, the solution is simple: “When the wires are in a time of 7 (blonde) down, just choose the color closest to the hue and perform the procedure.”



In women who have wires discolored to tone heights above 8 (light blond), it is necessary to make a pre-pigmentation before applying the color. “This procedure is to return the background whitening which was removed by destaining procedures. One must use a warm nuance that corresponds to the bleaching background hue tone height chosen, which allows a better fixation of the pigments” helped the expert.


Dark Color

Contrary, there are also women who were born blondes but prefer to display darker tresses. If there is a willingness to surrender to the fever of light hair, returning to the original tone, the hairstylist’s suggestion is to bet on pickling. “This is a tone of cleaning, which removes part of the wires of the pigments. I suggest using bleach Infinie Platine, L’Oréal Professionnel, with oxidant 20 volumes. Apply the mixture wick, leaving two fingers away to the root and wait until the hair lighten two-tone, more or less. Then, simply wash the wires and apply the desired color, “said the professional.

“It is important to remember that it is important to pay attention to the customer’s hair condition before starting the procedure, that is, if it is badly damaged or not. If the wires are healthy, it is possible that she blonde hall quit the same day. otherwise, the process should be gradual, “helped.


Maintenance is KEY

The desire to return to the natural tone of the wires is due in large part to the lack of treatment. “Often the customer only having to worry about color the hair without performing maintenance, leaving the wires with an unwanted appearance. It is important to replace the water and lost keratin through chemical procedures. I suggest you do the treatment Color crystallization, which traps the pigment in the cortex and promotes radiant color for up to six weeks, “he said.

“In addition, every fortnight is also advisable that the customer back to the hall perform the Powerflash Color service, which keeps the color and brightness on the wires. At home, they can use the Vitamino Color line that complements the service and is the guarantee of healthy tresses and bright, “concluded the professional.

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