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Hardtail vs Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Hardtail vs full suspension

Hardtail vs Full Suspension – Hardtail or full suspension? This query comes up all the time on the Singletracks boards so expectantly this vibrant list of the professionals and cons of both of Mountain motorcycle fashion will aid you to come to a decision which one will work more suitable for you.

Hardtail vs full suspension


My Perspective

I will be forty this year, and though I’ve ridden motorcycles all my life, I’ve been a severe mountain biker due to the fact I moved to Colorado in 2004. I began out on a really expert Rockhopper hardtail which I rode for four years. Then I obtained a beyond Trance full suspension motorcycle and rode it for three years. Now I’m driving a hardtail once more, however this time on 29-inch wheels.


What is the difference?

Those of us who have been perfect for these days take this for granted, however for those who are new to the recreation the variations tenting be a little hazy. Here’s the vivid and soiled info:

A hardtail is a motorcycle with a disposing of the body, and it always has a suspension fork on the entrance. Here is a general hardtail model:

Hardtail vs Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


A full suspension (FS) motorcycle has the same fork out the entrance. However, it has a body that is composed of 2 items, an entry triangle, and rear triangle, that are joined by pivots. This permits the two sections of the body to flourishes independently, and the rate of that circulation is managed by a surprise absorber. Here is an average full suspension model:

full suspension bike

full suspension


Okay, hardtail vs full suspension so which is better?

The reply is: it relies upon. It comes down to personal choice, appropriate fashion, common terrain encountered, and other elements. With that being mentioned, even though, we’ll go over what both brands excel at, as well as a few obstacles of both. This should aid you to make a decision which brands more desirable suits your perfect fashion, or right away it will persuade you to purchase one of both! Here goes…



Hardtail motorcycles move pedaling power to the rear wheel more successfully. On non-technical surfaces, this consequences in more desirable acceleration and makes it less complicated to holding superior speeds over a long time. Once the terrain turns technical, the rear suspension allows for more of the available rear wheel power to attain the flooring by permitting the wheel to more desirable articulate over barriers. This enables to hold traction and mitigates “spinning out.” Additionally, with FS it is commonly less complicated to live seated these days climbing. – hardtail vs full suspension



On bumpy, technical downhill trails, FS motorcycles have a clean knowledge – however, don’t count the hardtail out just but. I’ve ridden lots of technical stuff on a hardtail, and it handles just fine. The distinction is that the “suspension” is your legs. The net result is getting drained quicker, however, if you’re conditioned to it, it’s not a big deal. In my opinion, technical downhill on a hardtail additionally makes you select a more advantageous line, and in the long run, can give you a superior healthy rider. – hardtail vs full suspension



There is no disputing that hardtails require less long-term upkeep. All of those pivots and linkages on the FS will want periodic servicing, and the real surprise will desire new seals every season or 2. body articulation factors cables to rub on the body, and the chain has to work tougher to keep up with every little thing. If you savor simplicity and desire to keep your upkeep expenses low, a hardtail is a good option. (Or an inflexible single speed for that count number, however that’s a subject for an alternative post.) – hardtail vs full suspension



Advancements in a contemporary body prepared the ground are usually transferring the which means of light-weight in mountain cycling. In standard, a hardtail can be constructed lighter than the standard FS motorcycle. However, there are additionally a few heavily light-weight FS bikes now too. Whichever class you’re for the reason that, as long as the weight is not pricey; I wouldn’t be anxious to tons approximately it. How well it matches and the genealogy journey exceptionalism more important. – hardtail vs full suspension



The basic hardtail motorcycle layout has existed for over one hundred years. FS is prepared the ground is a hotbed of innovation, and lots of patents have been granted; ensuring in license agreements among a few of the motorbike brands. But who in school can pay those R&D and licensing charges you do! The aspect is that if you are on strict finances; you can doubtless get more motorbike for your dollar with a hardtail. – hardtail vs full suspension


Comfort (These historical Bones)

As I discussed, I’m nearly forty. It didn’t use to trouble me to bomb down miles of rough downhill, retaining my rear off the saddle all the way. The older I get, the nicer it is to be able to sit down on all, however, the roughest stuff. I additionally discovered that I can go quickly over rough stuff with the FS. On the other hand; the hardtail 29er that I’m presently using has a whole lot smoother experience than my old 26er hardtail. It’s like a magic trick! -hardtail vs full suspension


The Backside Line

If you’re just beginning out, on an actually close price range, or just relish simplicity; you should trust one of the great hardtails on the market nowadays. It can get you out there using without costing a lot of coin up until the entrance and saves on upkeep expenses down the line.

If you know you desire to Huck drops or journey rough; technical trails most of the time or if you’re an older rider and just want a smoother experience; then you’ll probably be happier on a full suspension motorbike. As I’ve defined; both categories of bike excels in various locations; it actually does come down to your alternative and the reason behind of driving you like to do. -hardtail vs full suspension

So what do you believe hardtail vs full suspension – hardtail or full-suspension?

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