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Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

Hijab Styles

Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

Hijab Styles

Usually, we know which type of clothing combines with the format of our body, but many Muslim women do not know what kind of hijab combines with the shape of your face.


First, you need to know what the shape of your face and only then, you can use the proper hijab, valuing your angles and features.

Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

hijab styles for square face

People with the square face should not wear tight hijab, pulled around the chin, as the chin will get more square and protruding.

The style of Turkish hijab involves a square scarf trapped firmly under the chin, covering the sides of the face and the top of the head, turning your face into a heavy triangle, losing all femininity. Flee that hijab style! I suggest you wear a hijab that wraps your chin nicely by giving a more rounded/oval aspect, maintaining the forehead and cheek discoveries. – Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

hijab styles for round face shapes

hijab styles for round face

Women with round face should not wear bands, caps or Taquias pulled over the forehead, as it shortens the round face. Round faces need long. Use the hijab so that it starts at the beginning of the hair, involving the area near the jaw, creating the illusion in an oval shape.

Avoid the style of Egyptian hijabs, which expose the neck, especially if you have a double chin or chubby face in general (no matter the shape of the face). This style will make your head look like a tortoise head, hehe. Remembering that this style of hijab, which exposes the neck, only suits people who have a slender neck. People with a short neck, in general, should stay away from that style too. – Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

hijab styles for long faces

hijab styles for long face

If you have long face/rectangle avoid using the hijab glued around your face, so your elongated head will be highlighted. Instead, you should try to shorten the length by pulling your track, bonnet or Taquia so that it covers a portion of your forehead, so you will be shortening at least 1/4 the length of your face. Exposing the cheek is also a good option to give the illusion of a wider face. Pick hijabs with frills and volume, creating details on the sides of the head giving the illusion of a wider face. Do not create volume on the top of your head and not expose your neck, because it only increases the length of your face giving the sensation that it is longer than it really is.
A hint: Never use Al Amira.

Oval faces (being the most asymmetrical in all shapes) has 99.9% chance that any hijab style will fall well.
My face is oval and still, I don’t think I look good with the Turkish hijab. Perhaps, in my case, it is framed in the 0.01% missing to complete the 100% haha. You’ll know, right?

Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

hijab styles for oval faces


Heart-shaped faces/inverted triangle should wear looser hijab styles. Hijab wrapped, specifically targeted for the top half of the head, just emphasizes the largest area of your face that is your forehead. Try to involve the hijab in a looser way, creating soft folds around this area, letting it fall freely around your chin while covering the sides of your forehead minimizing space, giving the illusion of a diamond-shaped face.

I hope the above tips have helped them!

I personally know Muslims who don’t know how to wear the hijab according to the shape of your face. I confess I would even like to get to them and say, “Hey… you knew it would be much better if you did so with your hijab…” But, the person could feel offended. – Hijab Styles for Face Shapes

What’s the shape of your face? How do you wear your hijab so that the angles of your face are proportionate to the shape of your face?