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How Long Do Tires Last?

How Long Do Tires Last

How Long Do Tires Last –┬áIt is time to replace the tires when the wear indicator appears at the thread level (the part in contact with the road).

In general, a good quality tire changes every 40 000 or 50 000 km. However, the quality of the gum is altered in time. Also, any gum over 5 years old, even in the apparent “good health”, should be replaced.

How Long Do Tires Last?

How Long Do Tires Last

The number of tires to change

Change the tires in pairs on the same axle to preserve the balance of the car. You can only change one if the wear gap with the second or even the other three is minimal (but really minimal, eh!). And we make sure to mount the newer tires at the rear because a possible loss of grip of the front catches up more easily.


The dimensions

As long as the manufacturer’s recommendations are respected, it is possible to mount tyres of larger dimensions than the original ones. Compatible mounts are specified in your car’s use booklet.

Caution You can not mount any tires on your car. Too large, they frotteraient against the wheel passage or rear against the fuel tank. On the other hand, mounting larger tires, thus stiffer, decreases the comfort of your car. Finally, the greater friction of the tires on the pavement increases the speed of the turning but decreases the speed of the peak.

Last thing you need to know is that your fuel consumption will be more important.


The valve

Important part of the tyre’s sealing, the valve deteriorates in use, as are the gums. The State should therefore often be checked and replaced if necessary. For more tranquility, it is advisable to put a new one on each tyre change.



With each tire change, rebalance your wheels. The professionals have devices capable of highlighting the points of imbalance. This is important because if you, driver, do not see the difference, your car feels very good. Improper balancing results in fuel overconsumption, premature wear of tires and steering bearings.


The lapping

New tires need to be lapped. So, for a few hundred kilometers, drive carefully and pay attention to their behaviour.