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How Long Should Shock Absorbers Last?

How Long Should Shock Absorbers Last

How Long Should Shock Absorbers Last –┬áThe shock absorbers, in combination with the suspension spring, ensure the handling and the comfort of your car. These are essential elements and it is useful to change the shock absorbers when they are worn and less efficient.

How Long Should Shock Absorbers Last

Why change its shock absorbers?

It is essential to have dampers in good condition for several reasons.

  • On the one hand, because of a vehicle, when poorly cushioned, greatly increases the fatigue of the driver (with the risks that this implies).
  • On the other hand, because it is the shock absorbers that plate the wheels on the ground during braking (worn shocks increase the risk of aquaplaning).
  • In addition, the shock absorbers balance the movements of the car.
  • Finally, rolling with worn dampers speeds up the wear of other elements and especially the tires.
    In spite of the significant cost of the operation, changing its shock absorbers is therefore indispensable for the safety of the driver and passengers.


When to change its shocks?

Still, it is not always obvious to know when to change its shock absorbers.
In principle, you should realize this because your vehicle will lose its comfort and its handling. Nevertheless, this change being gradual, it could go unnoticed.
To run no risk, the idea is to follow the recommendations of car manufacturers who generally recommend to have the correct condition of the shocks checked every 20 000 kilometers (or every year) and to change them every 80 000 kilometers.
These average figures should not prevent the change of its shocks more regularly in the event of frequent driving on degraded roads or in urban areas. Conversely, some models of cars require a replacement of shock absorbers only every 150 000 kilometers.
Be aware, however, that the technical control that the vehicles have to pass checks the suspensions and that it can tell you if the time has come to change your shock absorbers.