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How Many Valence Electrons does Oxygen have?

How Many Valence Electrons does Oxygen have

Oxygen is #8 on the periodic table. The first electron reservoir can contain 2 electrons; Two, eight. Therefore, from 8 electrons, 2 go to the first Shell and 6 to the second; Valence electrons are the ones that are in the outermost layer (there are some exceptions, but they are much lower in the table).

How Many Valence Electrons does Oxygen have

Remember H2O. Hydrogen has only 1 electron, which is used to form chemical bond in the water molecule. Thus, 2 hydrogen atoms lend 1 electron each to complete the outer layer of oxygen, it must contain exactly 8 electrons for the molecule to be stable, then 8 (must have)-2 (from 2 hydrogen atoms) = 6 (oxygen itself).



Oxygen has 6 valence electrons, because it’s electron configuration is 1s^2 2s^2 2p^4. To determine valence electrons, add the outermost s and p orbitals.

In an oxygen atom, 8 electrons are present.

Electron present in the first shell (n=1) 2n^2=2(1)^2=2(1)=2

Electron present in the second shell(n=2) =2(2)^2=2(4)=8

In oxygen, the remaining electrons is only 6 electrons.

Therefore, no of electrons in outer shell= no of electrons in valence shell= 6

electronic configuration = 1s2 2p6