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How much do you Tip a Valet? How to Use Valet Parking?

How much do you Tip a Valet

How to Use Valet Parking – Have you ever wondered how to leave and pick up your valet service car? Doing it wrong can result in bad service. Follow these steps to ensure everything goes well and you get good service.

How much do you Tip a Valet

How much do you Tip a Valet?

Pay attention. The number one reason customers get poor service is that they do not pay attention. The valet has 2 objectives, assisting you by making a good impression, and moving the cars from the loading area quickly. If they can not move the cars quickly, people get angry and do not leave a tip. You may be amazed by your quick interaction with the valet, but keep in mind the above.

Come to the download area. Drive slowly and behind the car that is in front of you. Do not leave the car until the door opens. Many times the valet will want you to put yourself in some other area before you leave your vehicle, wait to see what it indicates.

Get out of the vehicle. It should be the responsibility of the valet to open the door to the ladies first. But sometimes, due to the circumstances, it is not allowed. See if it is possible for the valet to do this, if there is a lot of traffic and there are only two people, it may not be possible. When you leave the vehicle, listen carefully to the instructions of the valet about prices, closing time, and how to recover your vehicle. These details are very important. Some valet services may close before the restaurant and leave your car in a place that is convenient for you. If you do not pay attention, you may have to leave your car overnight and pay an extra amount.

Inform the valet about any problem with your car. You do not need to include every little detail, only if a door closes in such a way, or if the alarm is failing or something, the valet appreciates this information.

Pick up your vehicle. Once you go to collect the vehicle, give your ticket to the valet that is near the valet, or whoever asks for it. Generally, one or two valets are in that place while others go by the cars.

Find your car When you see it, it goes up quickly. This is when you could tip the valet. They will usually share it with everyone, do not worry who you give the tip to.

Get out of the place with care. See your surroundings well.



  • How much do you Tip a Valet? Complimentary Valet does not mean “free”. Even so, they expect a tip. If the service is complementary, a tip of $ 5 or $ 10 dollars is appropriate.
  • If you are going to pay for the service, a tip would also be appropriate and would depend on the level of service and atmosphere of the valet.
  • If you want to be treated like a VIP you should give generous tips ($ 20 and $ 50) to be recognized and reminded.
  • If you are friendly, they will usually give you good service.
  • Be patient, especially if you are very busy. It is usual to wait 10 minutes for your car during peak hours.
  • Sometimes, giving your ticket to the waiter before leaving will save you the time you would be waiting outside for your car.
  • If you are not familiar with the establishment, drive slowly so you can see how it works and be prepared once you are stationed in the download area.
  • Make sure you have everything you need before leaving the car.
  • If your car comes with a master key, be sure to close all the compartments well, so they do not invade your privacy.



  • Remember that behaving rudely can jeopardize your most precious possession. If you’re going to complain, go to the manager.
  • Usually they can solve any problem you have.
  • Do not expect to drive if you drank. It is against the law for a valet to give the keys to someone who is drunk.
  • Do not leave your car in the street unless you are specified.
  • Be careful with traffic when leaving your vehicle.
  • Always leave your car with the valet. Even if you are only going to be 5 minutes, the valet may need to move it to get the vehicles out.