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How Much Does a Fiber Optic Technician Earn?

How Much Does a Fiber Optic Technician Earn?

Fiber optics have made the Internet and high-speed cable possible. Due to the growing demand for high-speed Internet and television, fiber optic technicians have been in high demand to install, maintain and repair these cables. Depending on industry and location, a fiber optic technician gains an average of five-digit figures usually working out all year round.

How Much Does a Fiber Optic Technician Earn?

How Much Does a Fiber Optic Technician Earn?

Income level

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that 156,350 installers and repairers of telecommunications lines, including fiber optic technicians, worked in the United States in 2010. The lower end of the pay scale was $26,910 per year or $12.94 per hour, with the top end reaching the top of $73,320 per year or $35.25 per hour.

Average income

50% of fiber optic technicians earn between $35,180 and $64,890 per year, which is broken down by $16.91 and $31.20 per hour in 2010. The average or average salary was $50,080 per year or $24.08 per hour in the same year, according to the BLS.

Industry issues

Fiber optic technicians work in a few sectors and all of them have their own average salary. The largest industry it employed in 2010 was cable telecommunications operators, paying an average of US$54,200 per year. Cable companies and other subscription programming companies pay technicians an average of $45,970 per year, while construction equipment contractors paid an average of $42,550. One of the best-paying industries for fiber optic technicians was the repair of electronic and precision equipment and maintenance with an average annual income of US$58,400.

Location differences

The location also changes average wages. In Florida, a fiber optic technician earns an average of $45,680 per year while in Texas he earned an average of $43,930 per year in 2010. The state with the highest occupancy turns out to be California, where the average salary was $53,820, followed by New York, with an average of $62,690 per year.