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How much does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

How much does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car

How much does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car? Talking about electric car brings the question: ” How long does the battery last for an electric? “, And even if the answer to that question seems simple, it ends up being rather open, after all, there are many variations, but

On average, a car with a battery of 30kWh will have a range of 160 km.

How much does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car

Manufacturers such as Tesla promise chargers that can charge in 5 minutes and battery exchange stations.

E-golf, Tesla X, Tesla S, Byd E6, are among the champions of autonomy.

These numbers may climb sharply in some cars, especially on the Tesla brand, the pioneer of electric cars. We have as an example the Tesla Model X, which has an autonomy of 400km per load and the Tesla Model S 100D, the first car to reach the mark of 1000km rotated with only one recharge, but this with an average top speed of 40km/h.


How much does it cost to charge an electric car battery?

The average consumption of electric cars is 30kWh for 160km, kWh is priced around R $ 0.50, that is, with a real energy consumption of around 21km, that is, to make a trip of 160km, the driver would spend R $ 15,00. It is worth mentioning that these are an estimated number and an average of the electric vehicles and values practiced in Brazil according to ANEEL.


Tesla promises to load car in 5 minutes

Tesla, a major brand in the electric car business, has been trying hard to make electric cars as practical as gasoline-powered vehicles, the first thing the brand has done is to minimize vehicle recharge time, even reducing the time to 20 minutes.

And after that, the directors of the company, had the idea of reducing, even more, this time, with the proposal to create stations for battery changes, meaning your battery is near the end, you take your car to any of the posts and they simply change the battery of the vehicle in five minutes, something incredible does not it? And they’ve been investing heavily in that idea, making sure they can make it work.


Replace batteries or carry them in the car?

The automaker Tesla, created stations of change of batteries of its cars, that the process would last a minute and a half, this to try to solve the problem of the delay for a car to be recharged, only that still has those who prefer to stop the car of the side of an outlet, but which of the two would come out the most ?

The recharge of the battery of the electric car, ends up taking more into account, even in view of the delay of its time of load. That’s because a battery change comes in between $ 60 and $ 80 dollars, a high price taking into account that a charge goes out for a maximum of $ 10, if recharged at home or for free at a charging station.

The only positive point of the battery change would be the time, taking about a minute and a half the whole process.