How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

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How often should a man cut his hair? If you want to always wear a stylish hairstyle, like guys like David Beckham and Ryan Gosling do, don’t just choose a nice cut and think that the problem is solved.

You need to do the correct maintenance of the hair, otherwise it quickly loses its cut and you are back to square one, with a tangle of unruly hair on your head.

But what, after all, is the right time between one cut and another? I chatted with barber Juliana Félix, barbershop manager at Casa Murdock, to clarify the issue.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair
How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

“For the hair to always be aligned, the idea is to cut it every 15 or at most 20 days “, she told me. “The limit is one month, then it starts to lose its cut. You can’t get over that. ”

Well, gentlemen, being stylish takes work, right? And if you’re a fade fan , maintenance is even faster. Juliana suggests visiting the barber every 10 days to shave the sides, keeping the cut always straight. At the top, which is longer, you can wait about 20 days before moving again.

Why should we cut so fast? The hair grows an average of 1 to 2 centimeters per month , so one slouch is enough and – ready – in a matter of weeks a helmet has already formed around our head.

The rule also applies to those who have long hair or are growing it. The secret is to do the maintenance every 2 or 3 weeks, removing the tips on the sides and eliminating the excess volume on top, in order to let it grow in an organized way.

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