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How to Choose a Gift Jewelry – Tips and Trick

How to Choose a Gift Jewelry

How to Choose a Gift Jewelry – Receiving a jewelry box makes the eyes of most women shine, does not it? If you want to give someone a gift, whether it’s a birthday, 15 years, graduation, among other things, we separate infallible tips from Tania Vicenzi, owner of Viccenza Joias.

How to Choose a Gift Jewelry


How to Choose a Gift Jewelry


Know The Personality

“You need to know who is gifted to indicate a jewel. Know the age, style, and personality. If the person is modern, it is possible to dare a little more. However, it is always better to bet on a classic piece, such as pearls, so as not to miss, “says Tania.


What is the person you are going to give? To buy a ring, for example, you have to observe how the woman’s fingers are. If they are too thin, invest in a piece with the small stone for the ring to be straight.


What Colors?

To know which gem to choose, look at the colors the most gifted person wears on their clothes, accessories and even makeup. So you will know what complements your look.


Tips for Choosing Without Error:

  • Meet the personal taste and style! If the person is discreet, choose something delicate, like a thin chain with a subtle pendant.
  • For the more daring, bet on bigger and brighter pieces (but no exaggeration!)
  • Find out if the person prefers white or yellow gold.
  • If you can, choose a piece with meaning. Something that impresses personalized jewelry!