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How to Choose Compression Socks for Men

How to Choose Compression Socks for Men

Considerations when buying compression stockings and socks.

How to Choose Compression Socks for Men

How to Choose Compression Socks for Men


Light / normal: This type of stockings is recommended to improve the bloodstream of the legs that are married, to prevent varicose veins, for women who are pregnant, when we experience pain, tiredness, as well as when we have to walk for a long time.

Strong: On the other hand, we find these compression stockings for varicose veins that are recommended for much more serious illnesses, as well as when some type of extreme complication has occurred.

However, unlike the previous option, these should only be used when we have contacted a doctor.


Short stockings: These stockings reach below the knee. Its main advantage is that they are very easy to adapt and to carry.

Socks: They reach just like short socks. However, they are warmer, so they are recommended for the months when it is coldest. In addition, these are usually the alternative that men have, although women can also use us. There are some compression socks that have been made of materials such as silver threads that help enhance perspiration to eliminate excess moisture and bad odors.

Long stockings: Unlike the previous options, the length of this stocking reaches up to mid-thigh. In order to support itself, it has certain silicone bands. They are perfect for people who have incontinence problems, or for pregnant women. However, there are also some special models for men.

Pantyhose: Pantyhose reaches the waist, achieving good support in the abdominal area. They are perfect for wearing skirts or dresses.


Finally, it is important that you choose the size that really suits you and the need you have. To find out, you should go to the doctor or the pharmacy where they will take the measurements of the cufflinks and ankle; In this way, you will know exactly the size you need and minimize any type of problem.