How to Clean a Carburetor, Easily!

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How to Clean a Carburetor – When we have a mechanical problem in our car or motorcycle, our first reaction is to go to a workshop, but there are certain problems that we can solve ourselves. Sometimes we are afraid to address certain types of problems related to mechanics. Fear that we can leave aside if it is to clean the carburetor of your motorcycle, therefore you only have to disassemble and assemble some parts. In this article from How we explain how to clean the carburetor of your motorcycle, in order to save labor when visiting a workshop.

How to Clean a Carburetor


How to Clean a Carburetor

Steps to follow:

  1. To clean the carburetor of your motorcycle first park in a flat place and turn it off completely to avoid inconvenient movement.
  2. Remove the covers where the motorcycle is running (battery, motor, etc.) and locate the carburetor. It is located at the rear of the engine and has a heart shape. Take photos or take notes so you do not forget what shape it is in, as there may be doubts when it comes to reassembling it.
  3. Look for the gas tank. You will find a lever that can mark several positions, usually ON, OFF and FUEL. Set to OFF to prevent fuel leakage. Next, place a container under the lever and release the hose. Now turn the indicator to ON, and let out about one liter of gasoline, which will serve to clean the parts.
  4. Next, you must remove the carburetor. To do this, open all connections: the gasoline hose, the power cable, and the throttle. Release the air intake and exhaust clamps. Next to a plastic box next to the battery is the air filter, loosen its screws. Now the carburetor is loose and you can extract it. It is recommended that you take pictures, so you do not forget where the pieces are when you mount them.
  5. Once the carburetor is released, remove the cap that has been adjusted with two screws at the top and bottom. Be careful with it, and with the small parts of the carburetor. There is one really small and fragile one, like a pencil sharpener, which you should take off and then put back on.
  6. Now you can start to clean the carburetor: do not use water, only the gasoline we take out at the beginning and a used toothbrush. If it is very dirty, you can also buy a specific product for cleaning carburetors, for sale in workshops and mechanic parts stores, and mix it with gasoline. Run your fingers and brush with gasoline on all metal parts. Then let them dry on paper, making sure there are no particles in the air that may fall on them. Wipe the plastic parts with a damp cloth and then dry them thoroughly with another dry cloth before putting them back on.
  7. Use the photographs and notes from the beginning as a help to put all the elements back as they were before starting to clean the carburetor on the motorcycle.

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