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How to Clean Car Seat Straps

How to Clean Car Seat Straps

How to Clean Car Seat Straps – In addition to choosing the ideal model of seating for the transportation of children, which is comfortable and with the stamp of Inmetro, a fundamental care for the safety of small is to keep the place clean.

Do you raise your hand who’s not terrified of seeing that pile of leftover food scattered around?

How to Clean Car Seat Straps
But you need to take care because cookie crumbs and milk drops can proliferate fungus and bacteria quickly. It may seem unbelievable, but a survey of the University of Birmingham in England pointed out that car seats can contain more types of fungi and bacteria than a bathroom.

But it is not only the leftovers of food, dirt, and dust accumulated from day to day can also bring risks to the health of children, such as allergies. This happens because of babies, mostly, have ease in passing their hands in these places and taking them to their mouths. Moreover, the direct contact of the skin of the small with the tissue can bring harm.

To help moms, Amanda Teixeira, responsible for the development of Tutti Baby products gives some tips to sanitize the items. Check out the guidelines below:

Baby comfort: Opt for the models that can be disassembled, which facilitates the washing. So you can remove the tissue to wash. Afterwards, it is only to assemble again, respecting all the fittings. To avoid accumulation of dirt and, consequently, fungi or bacteria in the equipment, it is important to repeat the process monthly, with neutral soap and by hand.

Seating and lifting seats: Similarly, observe if the chosen model allows the tissue to be removed to wash. There are options of armchairs in the market that accompany the child’s growth and can substitute seating and seats. Thus, the child uses for much longer, always taking care of maintaining the hygiene of the equipment. When cleaning the hood, use only neutral soap and water and do not wash the appliance.