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How to Clean keen Sandals

How to Clean keen Sandals

How to Clean Keen Sandals –¬†How to clean sandals and especially remove the smell of feet. Walking in sandals, in Tong, is already feeling in summer, a bit like walking barefoot. But what to do when the inside of this open shoe is dirty and smells bad? Discover our tips on how to maintain your sandals or Spartans, flip-flops, and tap.

How to clean your sandals

How to Clean keen Sandals

Clean the inside of the sandals

Leather plantar seat

In contact with bare feet, the soles of the sandals become darker and smell bad.


Clean with a cloth soaked (and wrung) with soapy water with a few drops of ammonia.
Rinse with a damp cloth.
Dry away from the sun and from all sources of heat.

-Clay Stone

or clean them using a sponge dampened with claystone.
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Plantar base in synthetic material

-Soapy water

Wash sandals in soapy water for several minutes, then rub them with a toothbrush or fingernail brush.


After washing, if they are still dirty rub the inner sole still wet with a toothbrush sprinkled with baking soda.
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Foot odor in sandals or tap

-Soapy water

Wash the insole using a sponge soaked (and wrong) with soapy water

-Talc and boric acid

Or rub the sole with a mixture of talc and boric acid (it is found in a pharmacy bag).
Pour a thick layer of this mixture on the sole and let it act overnight.

-Alum Stone

-or rub the sole with a piece of alum stone.
Based on potassium salt, this natural crystal is a natural deodorant, an antiseptic and an antibacterial, tolerated by all skins.
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-Essential oil

Or pass a rag soaked with a few drops of essential oil (pink, mint …)
Well, get inside. Then pour talcum and rub with a cloth.
The bad smell persists

Bacteria responsible for bad odors not supporting the cold, put your sandals in a plastic bag well closed, then leave them overnight in the refrigerator.

Clean leather Strips

Pass a cloth soaked in make-up milk
Remove stains on leather strips

Ink Spot

Remove ink or pen stains with a cloth soaked in hairspray for hair

Fat Stains

Do not attempt to remove greasy stains with soap and water.
Pass on the leather strips a cloth soaked in make-up milk with a drop of ammonia (open the window and avoid breathing the fumes of this product and protect your hands with household gloves).
Rinse the product with a damp cloth just after the stain is removed.
Let dry away from all sources of heat.

Any other stains?

Follow the advice in Toutpratique’s article:
Remove stains on leather shoes
Straps that hurt the feet

When the feet warm up, the leather straps tend to stretch. In order to prevent the shoes from injuring the feet, relax them by massaging them with rubbing alcohol and then donning them immediately.

Clean cloth Strips

Rub the strips with a wet, soapy water toothbrush and add baking soda