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How to Create a Baby’s Daily Album and Record Special Moments

How to Create a Baby's Daily Album and Record Special Moments

The best memories of gestation and motherhood are stored in the memory, but to prevent them from getting lost in time, see how to create a daily album.

The birth of a child is undoubtedly one of the most striking facts in a couple’s life. When he is born, everything around him transforms and adapts to receive him. The family, the house, the routine, nothing remains the same after the arrival of a baby, but often some of these memories are lost in memory and people who could not keep up with this moment, including the baby itself, end up not knowing how everything It happened.

How to Create a Baby's Daily Album and Record Special Moments

How to Create a Baby’s Daily Album and Record Special Moments

To eternalize all the details of this important moment, there is. the baby diaries. As the name has already said, it is a kind of book where the mother inserts through photos and reports the main moments of the child’s life as the discovery of the pregnancy , the preparations, the birth, the first bath, the first steps, the first words, the first haircut, everything that can be registered to be stored in a physical space and that can be shared with more people.

Some time ago, these diaries were made into a kind of notebook. Nowadays, the covers have gained more refinement, being able to be worked, decorated with a specific personage, stylized and customized to the taste of the mother, who usually takes care of the project.

In addition, there are also online versions, where in addition to photos and messages, you can attach videos and share with friends and family who live in other cities or even outside the country.

To leave your album well complete, how about starting recording the moment you heard about the pregnancy, your feelings and even a photo of the positive result? Then record the evolution and growth of the belly month by month, the process of choosing the name with the suggestions received from friends and family. Register the first clothes, the first little shoe, the decoration of the room and the whole baby shower.

At this stage, the album is more about mom and dad than about the baby itself, which although it is the main character of all history, has not yet given the air of grace.

In the delivery week, several things happen and it is very cool to record the anxiety of the family. If Mom is no longer so disposed of by late-term fatigue, Dad can take action and participate more actively in the making of the diary.

The high point of the diary could not fail to be the delivery, the long-awaited arrival of the baby. From now on will be photos and more photos. Of the little foot, of the little hand, of the face of crying, of the sleeping baby, of the nursery. And when you get home the paparazzi session tends to continue with photos of the first bath, breastfeeding mom, the first diaper change. With the baby already grown, the volume of news falls, yet there are beautiful stories to be told.

All this may sound like a big exaggeration, but it is only after this phase passes that the parents realize how much she misses, so the more complete the album, the more good memories will be saved and when the baby grows up. can understand, he can follow and realize how much he was expected and loved even before he was born.