How to Dry the Car after Washing it

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How to Dry the Car after Washing it – It’s not just the accessories that can make your car look better. Some basic care, like washing, can make a big difference. Apparently, it seems easy to wash a car, but it requires a lot of attention, specific products and will.

Washing done wrongly can cause a lot of damage, such as the appearance of stains and scratches. Care begins immediately with the cloth to be used and goes to the internal cleaning of the vehicle.

Finishing the car after washing requires extra time and attention. An important step in the finish is to dry all parts of the vehicle. Learn how to choose the right tools and use the right techniques in the drying process.

How to Dry the Car after Washing it


How to Dry the Car after Washing it



  1. Use a synthetic microfiber or suede flannel to dry. They absorb better and are softer. The cost is also lower because with the due care they will last longer.
  2. Dry in the shade. If you have to dry it in the sun, first do the part that is directly exposed. Finish the remainder quickly to prevent stains.
  3. First, use a squeegee to remove excess water. Choose one made of soft material, so as not to damage the car’s paint. After thoroughly dry with a microfiber or suede towel.
  4. Change the towel during drying. The more it is used, the dirtier it gets and this can scratch the paint. Use wheel-specific flannels and do not use them again in the car body.


Tips & Warnings

  • Dry mirrors and windows first to prevent stains.
  • If using a cotton towel, make it a 100% made of cotton. Those that are mixed can scratch the paint from the car.
  • Never use old flannels. The ones made of cotton with the polyester damage the painting of the vehicle.

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