The Snapchat is one of the mobile apps that have been most successful and called the attention of users of Android smartphones and iPhones lately, especially since being completely different from the other social networks we use every day.

With it, you can share videos and photos anytime with your friends, and they will destroy themselves after being viewed. This ends up being fun especially because you can do and send things that normally would never share in other social networks or to take advantage of sharing moments in a way that wouldn’t work so well on other media.

Of course, to start using all the legal features of Snapchat, you need to start somewhere, how to find your friends or famous people to follow, for example! To know how to do this, just check our tips on how to find people in Snapchat easily!

It’s particularly difficult to find celebrities because many of them don’t even use their real name in their username.

For example, unless you know to search for “kylizzlemynizzl,” you’re missing out on a whole slew of 1o-second videos of Kylie Jenner looking dead inside.

But, while it’s not the most intuitive system, there actually is a way you can easily find celebrities and other official verified accounts.


How to Find Celebrities in Snapchat

Here’s what you gotta do:

  1. Go to your “Stories” page.
  2. Drag the screen down to reveal a search bar.
  3. Search the word “official.”

How to find celebrities in Snapchat

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